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C. Bourdelle, G.T Hoang, X. Litaudon, C.M Roach, T. TalaImpact of the alpha parameter on the microstability of internal transport barriers, Nuclear Fusion 245 (2005) 110-130.
P. Gohil, J. Kinsey, V. Parail, X. Litaudon, T. Fukuda, T. HoangIncreased understanding of the dynamics and transport in ITB plasmas from multi-machine comparisons, Nuclear Fusion 843 (2003) 708-715.
C.D Challis, X. Litaudon, G. Tresset, Y.F Baranov, A. Becoulet, C. Giroud, N.C Hawkes, D.F Howell, E. Joffrin, P.J Lomas et al.Influence of the q-profile shape on plasma performance in JET, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 744 (2002) 1031-1055.
R. Zagorski, I. Voitsekhovitch, I. Ivanova-Stanik, F. Kochl, daSilva Ares P. Belo, E. Fable, J. Garcia, L. Garzotti, J. Hobirk, G.MD Hogeweij et al.Integrated core–SOL–divertor modelling for ITER including impurity: effect of tungsten on fusion performance in H-mode and hybrid scenario, Nucl. Fusion 55 (2015) 053032.
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V. Parail, P. Belo, P. Boerner, X. Bonnin, G. Corrigan, D. Coster, J. Ferreira, A. Foster, L. Garzotti, G.MD Hogeweij et al.Integrated modelling of ITER reference scenarios, Nucl. Fusion 749 (2009) 8.
E. Joffrin, F. Crisanti, R. Felton, X. Litaudon, D. Mazon, D. Moreau, L. Zabeo, R. Albanese, M. Ariola, D. Alves et al.Integrated scenario in JET using real-time profile control, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 45 (2003) A367-A383.