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I.G.J. Classen, J.E Boom, A.V. Bogomolov, E. Wolfrum, M. Maraschek, W. Suttrop, P.C de Vries, A.JH Donne, B.J Tobias, C.W. Domier et al.The role of temperature fluctuations in the dynamics of type-I and type-II edge localized modes at ASDEX Upgrade, Nucl. Fusion 753 (2013) 073005.
I.G.J. Classen, E. Westerhof, C.W. Domier, A.JH Donne, R.JE Jaspers, NC Luhmann, Jr., H.K Park, M.J. van de Pol, G.W Spakman, M.W JakubowskiEffect of heating on the suppression of tearing modes in tokamaks, Physical Review Letters 398 (2007) 
I.G.J. Classen, P. Lauber, D. Curran, J.E Boom, B.J Tobias, C.W. Domier, NC Luhmann, Jr., H.K Park, M.G Munoz, B. Geiger et al.Investigation of fast particle driven instabilities by 2D electron cyclotron emission imaging on ASDEX Upgrade, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 53 (2011) 124018.
I.G.J. Classen, J.E Boom, W. Suttrop, E. Schmid, B. Tobias, C.W. Domier, NC Luhmann, Jr., A.JH Donne, R.JE Jaspers, P.C de Vries et al.2D electron cyclotron emission imaging at ASDEX Upgrade (invited), Rev. Sci. Instrum. 1081 (2010) 6.
I.G.J. Classen, R.JE Jaspers, H.K Park, G.W Spakman, M.J. van der Pol, C.W. Domier, A.JH Donne, N.C.Luhmann Jr, E. Westerhof, M.W Jakubowski et al.Imaging meso-scale structures in TEXTOR with 2D-ECE, Plasma and Fusion Research  (2007) S1031.
I.G.J. Classen, C.W. Domier, NC Luhmann, Jr., A.V. Bogomolov, W. Suttrop, J.E Boom, B.J Tobias, A.JH Donne, ASDEX Upgrade TeamDual array 3D electron cyclotron emission imaging at ASDEX Upgrade, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 1185 (2014) 11D833.
I.G.J. ClassenImaging and control of magnetic islands in tokamaks, PhD (2007)