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F. Albajar, G. Aiello, S. Alberti, F. Arnold, K. Avramidis, M. Bader, R. Batista, R. Bertizzolo, T. Bonicelli, F. Braunmueller et al.Status of Europe’s contribution to the ITER EC system, EPJ Web Conf. 87 (2015) 04004.
J.P Graves, C. Angioni, R.V Budny, R.J Buttery, S. Coda, L.G Eriksson, C.G Gimblett, T.P Goodman, R.J Hastie, M.A Henderson et al.Sawtooth control in fusion plasmas, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 47 (2005) B121-B133.
D. Strauss, G. Aiello, A. Bruschi, R. Chavan, D. Farina, L. Figini, M. Gagliardi, V. Gracia, T.P Goodman, G. Grossetti et al.Progress of the ECRH Upper Launcher design for ITER, Fusion Eng. Des. 89 (2014) 1669–1673.
B. Maljaars, F. Felici, T.C Blanken, C. Galperti, O. Sauter, M.R de Baar, F. Carpanese, T.P Goodman, D. Kim, S.H Kim et al.Profile control simulations and experiments on TCV: a controller test environment and results using a model-based predictive controller, Nucl. Fusion 57 (2017) 126063.
D. Strauss, G. Aiello, R. Chavan, S. Cirant, M. de Baar, D. Farina, G. Gantenbein, T.P Goodman, M.A Henderson, W. Kasparek et al.Preliminary design of the ITER ECH Upper Launcher, Fusion Eng. Des. 1188 (2013) 2761-2766.
T. Omori, M.A Henderson, F. Albajar, S. Alberti, U. Baruah, T.S Bigelow, B. Becket, R. Bertizzolo, T. Bonicelli, A. Brusch et al.Overview of the ITER EC H&CD system and its capabilities, Fusion Eng. Des. 6-886 (2011) 951-954.
D. Strauss, G. Aiello, R. Bertizzolo, A. Bruschi, N. Casal, R. Chavan, D. Farina, L. Figini, M. Gagliardi, D. Ronden et al.Nearing final design of the ITER EC H&CD Upper Launcher, Fusion Eng. Des. 146 (2019) 23-26.
M.A Henderson, S. Alberti, J. Bird, J. Doane, B. Elzendoorn, C. Flemming, T.P Goodman, F. Hoekzema, J.P Hogge, G. MacMillan et al.An ITER-relevant evacuated waveguide transmission system for the JET-EP ECRH project, Nuclear Fusion 1143 (2003) 1487-1500.
M.A Henderson, S. Alberti, P. Benin, T. Bonicelli, R. Chavan, D. Campbell, S. Cirant, G. Dammertz, O. Dormicchi, O. Dumbrajs et al.EU developments of the ITER ECRH system, Fusion Engineering and Design 82 (2007) 454-462.
F. Felici, H.B Le, J.I Paley, B.P Duval, S. Coda, J.M Moret, A. Bortolon, L. Federspiel, T.P Goodman, G. Hommen et al.Development of real-time plasma analysis and control algorithms for the TCV tokamak using Simulink, Fusion Eng. Des. 89 (2014) 165-176.
M. Lauret, F. Felici, G. Witvoet, T.P Goodman, G. Vandersteen, O. Sauter, MR de BaarDemonstration of sawtooth period locking with power modulation in TCV plasmas, Nucl. Fusion 52 (2012) 062002.
T.C Hender, J.C Wesley, J. Bialek, A. Bondeson, A.H Boozer, R.J Buttery, A. Garofalo, T.P Goodman, R.S Granetz, Y. Gribov et al.Chapter 3: MHD stability, operational limits and disruptions, Nuclear Fusion 647 (2007) S128-S202.