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A.W KleynIntroducing the new section: "Progress Highlights", Progress in Surface Science 1-472 (2003) 1-2.
A.W KleynBasic Mechanisms in Atom–Surface Interactions, Handbook of Surface Science  (2008) 
A.W KleynA tribute to Sydney G. Davison, Progress in Surface Science 4-873 (2003) 57-58.
A.W Kleyn, N.JL Cardozo, U. SammPlasma-surface interaction in the context of ITER, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 158 (2006) 1761-1774.
A.W KleynMolecular beams and chemical dynamics at surfaces, Chemical Society Reviews 232 (2003) 87-95.
A.W KleynMagnetic Confinement Fusion: Ions in ITER - Beams and Surfaces, Ion Beam Science: Solved and Unsolved problems 52:1 (2006) 87-107.
A.W KleynMolecular beam scattering at metal surfaces, Surface Dynamics 11 (2003) 79-108.
A.W KleynInteraction of atomic radicals with metal surfaces, Abstr. Pap. Am. Chem. Soc. 241 (2011) 143-PHYS.
A.W KleynInvented by the devil, Reflections from the frontiers - Explorations for the future: Gordon Research Conferences 1931 - 2006  (2006) 98-99.
A.W KleynThe impact of physics on society and the mission of physics education in secondary schools: Let's talk about it, Europhysics News 334 (2003) 103.
A.W KleynAtomic quantum scattering and molecular diffraction, Prog. Surf. Sci. 86 (2011) 163-168.
A.W Kleyn, W. Koppers, N.L CardozoPlasma-surface interaction in ITER, Vacuum 1080 (2006) 1098-1106.