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A.W KleynIntroducing the new section: "Progress Highlights", Progress in Surface Science 1-472 (2003) 1-2.
S. Roke, W.G Roeterdink, J Wijnhoven, A.V Petukhov, A.W Kleyn, M. BonnVibrational sum frequency scattering from a submicron suspension, Physical Review Letters 2591 (2003) 
I.M Ciobica, A.W Kleyn, R.A Van SantenAdsorption and coadsorption of CO and H on ruthenium surfaces, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 1107 (2003) 164-172.
W.G Roeterdink, L.BF Juurlink, O.PH Vaughan, J.D Diez, M. Bonn, A.W KleynCoulomb explosion in femtosecond laser ablation of Si(111), Applied Physics Letters 2382 (2003) 4190-4192.
A.T Gee, B.E Hayden, C. Mormiche, A.W Kleyn, B. RiedmullerThe dynamics of the dissociative adsorption of methane on Pt(533), Journal of Chemical Physics 7118 (2003) 3334-3341.
A.W KleynThe impact of physics on society and the mission of physics education in secondary schools: Let's talk about it, Europhysics News 334 (2003) 103.
A.W KleynMolecular beam scattering at metal surfaces, Surface Dynamics 11 (2003) 79-108.
A.W KleynMolecular beams and chemical dynamics at surfaces, Chemical Society Reviews 232 (2003) 87-95.
P.J. Polikarpov, S.F. Borison, A.W Kleyn, J.-P. TaranNormal momentum transfer study by a dynamic technique, Journal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics 244 (2003) 298-303.
A A. Halabi, A.W Kleyn, E.F van Dishoeck, M.C. van Hemert, G.J KroesSticking of hyperthermal CO to the (0001) face of crystalline ice, Journal of Physical Chemistry A 49107 (2003) 10615-10624.
S. Roke, A.W Kleyn, M. BonnTime- vs. frequency-domain femtosecond surface sum frequency generation, Chemical Physics Letters 1-2370 (2003) 227-232.
A.W KleynA tribute to Sydney G. Davison, Progress in Surface Science 4-873 (2003) 57-58.
W.G Roeterdink, J.FM Aarts, A.W Kleyn, M. BonnBroadband sum frequency generation spectroscopy to study surface reaction kinetics: A temperature-programmed study of CO oxidation on Pt(111), Journal of Physical Chemistry B 38108 (2004) 14491-14496.
E.HG Backus, A. Eichler, M.L Grecea, A.W Kleyn, M. BonnAdsorption and dissociation of NO on stepped Pt(533), Journal of Chemical Physics 16121 (2004) 7946-7954.
F. Gou, M.A Gleeson, J. Villette, S.EF Kleyn, A.W KleynThe surface of 1-euro coins studied by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, Applied Surface Science 1-4225 (2004) 47-53.
B. Berenbak, B. Riedmuller, S. Stolte, A.W KleynImpact site-dependent molecular anisotropy: NO scattering from Ru(0001)-(1x1)H, Chemical Physics 2-3301 (2004) 309-313.
E.HG Backus, M.L Grecea, A.W Kleyn, M. BonnSurface crystallization of amorphous solid water, Physical Review Letters 2392 (2004) 
W.G Roeterdink, M. Bonn, A.W KleynResponse to "Comment on 'Coulomb explosion in femtosecond laser ablation of Si(111)'", Applied Physics Letters 485 (2004) 696-696.
M.L Grecea, E.HG Backus, H.J Fraser, T. Pradeep, A.W Kleyn, M. BonnMobility of haloforms on ice surfaces, Chemical Physics Letters 3-4385 (2004) 244-248.
W.G Roeterdink, E.HG Backus, A.W Kleyn, M. BonnComment on "Ultrafast laser excitation of CO/Pt(111) probed by sum frequency generation: Coverage dependent desorption efficiency", Physical Review Letters 2493 (2004)