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B. Unterberg, C. Busch, M. De Bock, J.W Coenen, K.H. Finken, S. Jachmich, M.W Jakubowski, Y. Kikuchi, A. Kramer-Flecken, M. Lehnen et al.Impact of stochastic magnetic fields on plasma rotation and radial electric fields in the plasma edge of the tokamak TEXTOR, J. Nucl. Mater. 363 (2007) 698-702.
M. De Bock, K. Jakubowska, M. von Hellermann, R. Jaspers, A.JH Donne, L. ShmaenokMeasuring one-dimensional and two-dimensional impurity density profiles on TEXTOR using combined charge exchange-beam emission spectroscopy and ultrasoft x-ray tomography, Review of Scientific Instruments 1075 (2004) 4155-4157.
K. Jakubowska, M. De Bock, R. Jaspers, M. von Hellermann, L. ShmaenokMotional Stark effect diagnostic on TEXTOR, Review of Scientific Instruments 1075 (2004) 3475-3477.
B. Lloyd, R.J Akers, F. Alladio, S. Allan, L.C Appel, M. Barnes, N.C Barratt, N. Ben Ayed, B.N Breizman, M. Cecconello et al.Overview of physics results from MAST, Nucl. Fusion 951 (2011) 094013.
I.T. Chapman, S.D Pinches, J.P Graves, R.J Akers, L.C Appel, R.V Budny, S. Coda, N.J Conway, M. De Bock, L.-G. Eriksson et al.The physics of sawtooth stabilization, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 49 (2007) B385-B394.
M. von Hellermann, M. De Bock, R. Jaspers, K. Jakubowska, R. Barnsley, C. Giroud, N.C Hawkes, K.D Zastrow, P. Lotte, R. Giannella et al.Pilot experiments for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor active beam spectroscopy diagnostic, Review of Scientific Instruments 1075 (2004) 3458-3461.
S. Soldatov, A. Kramer-Flecken, G. van Wassenhove, M. De BockPoloidal asymmetry in perpendicular plasma rotation and radial electric field measured with correlation reflectometry at TEXTOR, Plasma Phys. Rep. 934 (2008) 736-740.
I.T. Chapman, S.D Pinches, H.R Koslowski, Y. Liang, A. Kramer-Flecken, M. De BockSawtooth stability in neutral beam heated plasmas in TEXTOR, Nucl. Fusion 348 (2008) 9.
H.R Koslowski, E. Westerhof, M. De Bock, I. Classen, R. Jaspers, Y. Kikuchi, A. Kramer-Flecken, A. Lazaros, Y. Liang, K. Lowenbruck et al.Tearing mode physics studies applying the dynamic ergodic divertor on TEXTOR, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 12B48 (2006) B53-B61.