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J. Gaudin, O. Peyrusse, J. Chalupsky, M. Toufarova, L. Vysin, V. Hajkova, R. Sobierajski, T. Burian, D S. Farahani, A. Graf et al.Amorphous to crystalline phase transition in carbon induced by intense femtosecond x-ray free-electron laser pulses, Phys. Rev. B 86 (2012) 024103.
R. Sobierajski, S. Bruijn, A.R Khorsand, E. Louis, R de Kruijs, T. Burian, J. Chalupsky, J. Cihelka, A. Gleeson, J. Grzonka et al.Damage mechanisms of MoN/SiN multilayer optics for next-generation pulsed XUV light sources, Opt. Express 119 (2011) 193-205.
E. Galtier, F.B Rosmej, T. Dzelzainis, D. Riley, F.Y Khattak, P. Heimann, R.W Lee, A.J Nelson, S.M Vinko, T. Whitcher et al.Decay of Cystalline Order and Equilibration during the Solid-to-Plasma Transition Induced by 20-fs Microfocused 92-eV Free-Electron-Laser Pulses, Phys. Rev. Lett. 106 (2011) 164801.
S.M Vinko, U. Zastrau, S. Mazevet, J. Andreasson, S. Bajt, T. Burian, J. Chalupsky, H.N Chapman, J. Cihelka, D. Doria et al.Electronic Structure of an XUV Photogenerated Solid-Density Aluminum Plasma, Phys. Rev. Lett. 22104 (2010) 4.
R. Sobierajski, M. Jurek, J. Chalupsky, J. Krzywinski, T. Burian, S.D Farahani, V. Hajkova, M. Harmand, L. Juha, D. Klinger et al.Experimental set-up and procedures for the investigation of XUV free electron laser interactions with solids, J. Instrum. 8 (2013) P02010.
J. Gaudin, C. Ozkan, J. Chalupsky, S. Bajt, T. Burian, L. Vysin, N. Coppola, S.D Farahani, H.N Chapman, G. Galasso et al.Investigating the interaction of x-ray free electron laser radiation with grating structure, Opt. Lett. 37 (2012) 3033-3035.
J. Gaudin, V.V Medvedev, J. Chalupsky, T. Burian, D S. Farahani, V. Hajkova, M. Harmand, H.O. Jeschke, L. Juha, M. Jurek et al.Photon energy dependence of graphitization threshold for diamond irradiated with intense XUV FEL pulse, Phys. Rev. B 688 (2013) 060101.
J. Andreasson, B. Iwan, A. Andrejczuk, E. Abreu, M. Bergh, C. Caleman, A.J Nelson, S. Bajt, J. Chalupsky, H.N Chapman et al.Saturated ablation in metal hydrides and acceleration of protons and deuterons to keV energies with a soft-x-ray laser, Phys. Rev. E 83 (2011) 7.
A.R Khorsand, R. Sobierajski, E. Louis, S. Bruijn, E.D van Hattum, R.WE van de Kruijs, M. Jurek, D. Klinger, J.B Pelka, L. Juha et al.Single shot damage mechanism of Mo/Si multilayer optics under intense pulsed XUV-exposure, Opt. Express 218 (2010) 700-712.
A.J Nelson, S. Toleikis, H. Chapman, S. Bajt, J. Krzywinski, J. Chalupsky, L. Juha, J. Cihelka, V. Hajkova, L. Vysin et al.Soft x-ray free electron laser microfocus for exploring matter under extreme conditions, Opt. Express 2017 (2009) 18271-18278.
J. Chalupsky, J. Krzywinski, L. Juha, V. Hajkova, J. Cihelka, T. Burian, L. Vysin, J. Gaudin, A. Gleeson, M. Jurek et al.Spot size characterization of focused non-Gaussian X-ray laser beams, Opt. Express 2618 (2010) 27836-27845.
B. Iwan, J. Andreasson, A. Andrejczuk, E. Abreu, M. Bergh, C. Caleman, A.J Nelson, S. Bajt, J. Chalupsky, H.N Chapman et al.TOF-OFF: A method for determining focal positions in tightly focused free-electron laser experiments by measurement of ejected ions, High Energy Density Phys. 7 (2011) 336-342.
B. Nagler, U. Zastrau, R.R Faustlin, S.M Vinko, T. Whitcher, A.J Nelson, R. Sobierajski, J. Krzywinski, J. Chalupsky, E. Abreu et al.Turning solid aluminium transparent by intense soft X-ray photoionization, Nat. Phys. 95 (2009) 693-696.