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A. Malaquias, M. von Hellermann, S. Tugarinov, P. Lotte, N. Hawkes, M. Kuldkepp, E. Rachlew, A. Gorshkov, C. Walker, A. Costley et al.Active beam spectroscopy diagnostics for ITER: Present status (invited), Review of Scientific Instruments 1075 (2004) 3393-3398.
K.H. Finken, S.S Abdullaev, M.FM de Bock, B. Giesen, M. von Hellermann, G.MD Hogeweij, M. Jakubowski, R. Jaspers, M. Kobayashi, H.R Koslowski et al.Background and initial experiments with the dynamic ergodic divertor on TEXTOR, Fusion Science and Technology 247 (2005) 87-96.
G.L Jackson, M. Murakami, D.R Baker, R. Budny, M. Charlet, MR de Baar, P. Dumortier, T.E Evans, R.J Groebner, N.C Hawkes et al.Comparison of L-mode regimes with enhanced confinement by impurity seeding in JET and DIII-D, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 944 (2002) 1893-1902.
S. Tugarinov, A. Krasilnikov, V. Dokouka, R. Khayrutdinov, I. Beigman, I. Tolstikhina, L. Vainshtein, M. von Hellermann, A. MalaquaisConceptual design of the charge exchange recombination spectroscopy diagnostic for ITER, Review of Scientific Instruments 374 (2003) 2075-2079.
P. Dumortier, P. Andrew, G. Bonheure, R.V Budny, R. Buttery, M. Charlet, I. Coffey, M. de Baar, P.C de Vries, T. Eich et al.Confinement properties of high density impurity seeded ELMy H-mode discharges at low and high triangularity on JET, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 944 (2002) 1845-1861.
S.A Arshad, J.G Cordey, D.C McDonald, J. Farthing, E. Joffrin, M. von Hellermann, C.M Roach, J. SvenssonData validation, analysis, and applications for fusion plasmas, Fusion Science and Technology 253 (2008) 667-698.
W. Elmenhorst, M. von Hellermann, H.R Koslowski, A. Kramer-Flecken, J. KromDatabase techniques at TEXTOR as a store for evaluated data, Fusion Engineering and Design 15-1781 (2006) 2025-2029.
H.R Koslowski, Y. Liang, A. Kramer-Flecken, K. Lobwenbruck, M. von Hellermann, E. Westerhof, RC Wolf, O. ZimmermannDependence of the threshold for perturbation field generated m/n=2/1 tearing modes on the plasma fluid rotation, Nucl. Fusion 846 (2006) L1-L5.
D.L Hillis, T. Loarer, J. Bucalossi, A. Pospieszczyk, W. Fundamenski, G. Matthews, A. Meigs, P. Morgan, V. Phillips, R. Pitts et al.Deuterium to helium plasma-wall change-over experiments in the JET MkII-gas box divertor, Journal of Nuclear Materials 313 (2003) 1061-1065.
S.B Korsholm, M. Stejner, S. Conroy, G. Ericsson, G. Gorini, M. Tardocchi, M. von Hellermann, R.JE Jaspers, O. Lischtschenko, E. Delabie et al.Development of novel fuel ion ratio diagnostic techniques, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 1081 (2010) 3.
J. Svensson, M. von Hellermann, R.WT KonigDirect measurement of JET local deuteron densities by neural network modeling of Balmer alpha beam emission spectra, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 443 (2001) 389-403.
K.H. Finken, S.S Abdullaev, W. Biel, M.FM de Bock, C. Busch, E. Farshi, M. von Hellermann, G.MD Hogeweij, M. Jakubowski, R. Jaspers et al.The dynamic ergodic divertor in the TEXTOR tokamak: plasma response to dynamic helical magnetic field perturbations, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 46 (2004) B143-B155.
RC Wolf, W. Biel, M.FM de Bock, K.H. Finken, S. Gunter, G.MD Hogeweij, S. Jachmich, M.W Jakubowski, R.JE Jaspers, A. Kramer-Flecken et al.Effect of the dynamic ergodic divertor in the TEXTOR tokamak on MHD stability, plasma rotation and transport, Nucl. Fusion 1245 (2005) 1700-1707.
M. Lehnen, S.S Abdullaev, S. Brezinsek, K.H. Finken, D. Harting, M. von Hellermann, M.W Jakubowski, R. Jaspers, A. Kirschner, A. Pospieszczyk et al.The effect of the magnetic topology on particle recycling in the ergodic divertor of TEXTOR, Journal of Nuclear Materials 363 (2007) 377-381.
J. Rapp, T. Eich, M. von Hellermann, A. Herrmann, L.C Ingesson, S. Jachmich, G.F Matthews, V. Philipps, G. SaibeneELM mitigation by nitrogen seeding in the JET gas box divertor, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 644 (2002) 639-652.
M. Lehnen, S.S Abdullaev, W. Biel, S. Brezinsek, K.H. Finken, D. Harting, M. von Hellermann, M. Jakubowski, R. Jaspers, M. Kobayashi et al.First results from the dynamic ergodic divertor at TEXTOR, Journal of Nuclear Materials 1-3337-39 (2005) 171-175.