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R. Sartori, G. Saibene, L.D Horton, M. Becoulet, R. Budny, D. Borba, A. Chankin, G.D Conway, G. Cordey, D. McDonald et al.Study of type III ELMs in JET, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 546 (2004) 723-750.
W. Kerner, D. Borba, G.TA Huysmans, F. Porcelli, S. Poedts, J.P Goedbloed, R. BettiStability of Global Alfven Waves (Tae, Eae) in Jet Tritium Discharges, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 536 (1994) 911-923.
D. Stork, Y. Baranov, P. Belo, L. Bertalot, D. Borba, J.H Brzozowski, C.D Challis, D. Ciric, S. Conroy, M. de Baar et al.Overview of transport, fast particle and heating and current drive physics using tritium in JET plasmas, Nuclear Fusion 1045 (2005) S181-S194.
J. Pamela, E.R Solano, J.M Adams, G. Agarici, M. Agarici, H. Akhter, R. Albanese, S. Alberti, S. Allfrey, B. Alper et al.Overview of JET results, Nuclear Fusion 1243 (2003) 1540-1554.
A. Fasoli, J.B Lister, S. Sharapov, D. Borba, N. Deliyanakis, C. Gormezano, J. Jacquinot, A. Jaun, H.A Holties, G.TA Huysmans et al.Observation of multiple kinetic Alfven eigenmodes, Physical Review Letters 776 (1996) 1067-1070.
S.E Sharapov, B. Alper, F. Andersson, Y.F Baranov, H.L Berk, L. Bertalot, D. Borba, C. Boswell, B.N Breizman, R. Buttery et al.Experimental studies of instabilities and confinement of energetic particles on JET and MAST, Nuclear Fusion 945 (2005) 1168-1177.
D. Testa, A. Fasoli, D. Borba, M. de Baar, M. Bigi, J. Brzozowski, P. de VriesAlfven mode stability and wave-particle interaction in the JET tokamak: prospects for scenario development and control schemes in burning plasma experiments, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 746 (2004) S59-S79.
S.E Sharapov, B. Alper, Y.F Baranov, H.L Berk, D. Borba, C. Boswell, B.N Breizman, C.D Challis, M. de Baar, E. de la Luna et al.Alften cascades in JET discharges with NBI-heating, Nuclear Fusion 1046 (2006) S868-S879.