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M. North, P. Abrantes, E. Remiezowicz, A. Bardow, J. Dodson, T. Manning, J. Albo, D. Reed, D. Harris, I. Ingram et al.CO2 reduction reactions: general discussion, Faraday Discuss. 183 (2015) 261-290.
E. Joffrin, S. Abduallev, M Abhangi, P. Abreu, V. Afanasev, J. Citrin, A. Ho, G.MD Hogeweij, M. Marin, G. van Rooij et al.Overview of the JET preparation for deuterium–tritium operation with the ITER like-wall, Nucl. Fusion 59 (2019) 112021.
W. Bongers, H. Bouwmeester, B. Wolf, F. Peeters, S. Welzel, D. van den Bekerom, den N. Harder, A. Goede, M. Graswinckel, P.W Groen et al.Plasma-driven dissociation of CO2 for fuel synthesis, Plasma Process. Polym. 14 (2017) e1600126.
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C. Giroud, S. Jachmich, P. Jacquet, A. Jarvinen, E. Lerche, F. Rimini, L. Aho-Mantila, N. Aiba, I. Balboa, daSilva Ares P. Belo et al.Progress at JET in integrating ITER-relevant core and edge plasmas within the constraints of an ITER-like wall, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 57 (2015) 035004.
G. van Rooij, D. van den Bekerom, N. den Harder, T. Minea, G. Berden, W. Bongers, R. Engeln, M. Graswinckel, E. Zoethout, M.CM van de SandenTaming microwave plasma to beat thermodynamics in CO2 dissociation, Faraday Discuss. 178 (2015) 233-248.
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D. Zhang, Q. Huang, E.J Devid, E. Schuler, R N. Shiju, G. Rothenberg, G. van Rooij, R. Yang, K. Liu, A.W KleijnTuning of conversion and optical emission by electron temperature in inductively coupled CO2 Plasma, J. Phys. Chem. C 122 (2018) 19338-19347.
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