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A. Loarte, G. Saibene, R. Sartori, T. Eich, A. Kallenbach, W. Suttrop, M. Kempenaars, M. Beurskens, M. de Baar, J. Lonnroth et al.Characterization of pedestal parameters and edge localized mode energy losses in the Joint European Torus and predictions for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, Physics of Plasmas 511 (2004) 2668-2678.
B.A. Hennen, E. Westerhof, J.W Oosterbeek, P Nuij, D. De Lazzari, G.W Spakman, M. de Baar, M. SteinbuchA closed-loop control system for stabilization of MHD events on TEXTOR,  (2009) 928-934.
M. Stejner, S.K. Nielsen, S.B Korsholm, M. Salewski, H. Bindslev, V. Furtula, F. Leipold, F. Meo, P.K Michelsen, D. Moseev et al.Collective Thomson scattering measurements with high frequency resolution at TEXTOR, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 1081 (2010) 5.
R. Heidinger, R. Bertizzolo, A. Bruschi, R. Chavan, S. Cirant, A. Collazos, M. de Baar, B. Elzendoorn, D. Farina, U. Fischer et al.Conceptual design of the ECH upper launcher system for ITER,  (2009) 284-289.
P. Dumortier, P. Andrew, G. Bonheure, R.V Budny, R. Buttery, M. Charlet, I. Coffey, M. de Baar, P.C de Vries, T. Eich et al.Confinement properties of high density impurity seeded ELMy H-mode discharges at low and high triangularity on JET, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 944 (2002) 1845-1861.
H. Reimerdes, T.C Hender, S.A Sabbagh, J.M Bialek, M.S Chu, A.M Garofalo, M.P Gryaznevich, D.F Howell, G.L Jackson, R.J La Haye et al.Cross-machine comparison of resonant field amplification and resistive wall mode stabilization by plasma rotation, Physics of Plasmas 513 (2006)