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M. Tsalas, M.Y Kantor, O. Maj, R. Bilato, P.C de Vries, A.JH Donne, A. Herrmann, B. Kurzan, E. WolfrumFeasibility study for a new high resolution Thomson scattering system for the ASDEX Upgrade pedestal, J. Inst. 7 (2012) C03015.
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C. Zhao, X. Lu, P. He, P. Zhang, W. Sun, J. Zhang, F. Chen, F. GouCF3+ etching silicon surface: A molecular dynamics study, Vacuum 86 (2012) 913-916.
K. Sharma, M.V Ponomarev, M.A Verheijen, O. Kunz, F.D Tichelaar, M.CM van de Sanden, M. CreatoreSolid-phase crystallization of ultra high growth rate amorphous silicon films, J. Appl. Phys. 111 (2012) 5.
M.V Ponomarev, K. Sharma, M.A Verheijen, M.CM van de Sanden, M. CreatoreImproved conductivity of aluminum-doped ZnO: The effect of hydrogen diffusion from a hydrogenated amorphous silicon capping layer, J. Appl. Phys. 111 (2012) 063715.
J. Gaudin, O. Peyrusse, J. Chalupsky, M. Toufarova, L. Vysin, V. Hajkova, R. Sobierajski, T. Burian, D S. Farahani, A. Graf et al.Amorphous to crystalline phase transition in carbon induced by intense femtosecond x-ray free-electron laser pulses, Phys. Rev. B 86 (2012) 024103.
A.C Bronneberg, M.CM van de Sanden, M. CreatoreRemote plasma deposition of microcrystalline silicon thin-films: Film structure and the role of atomic hydrogen, J. Non-Cryst. Solids 358 (2012) 379-386.
M.A Wank, R. van Swaaij, R. van de Sanden, M. ZemanHydrogenated amorphous silicon p-i-n solar cells deposited under well controlled ion bombardment using pulse-shaped substrate biasing, Prog. Photovoltaics 20 (2012) 333-342.
M.J Schaffer, J.A Snipes, P. Gohil, P. de Vries, T.E Evans, M.E. Fenstermacher, X. Gao, A.M Garofalo, D.A Gates, C.M. Greenfield et al.ITER test blanket module error field simulation experiments at DIII-D, Nucl. Fusion 51 (2011) 11.
A.C Bronneberg, A.HM Smets, M. Creatore, M.CM van de SandenOn the oxidation mechanism of microcrystalline silicon thin films studied by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, J. Non-Cryst. Solids 357 (2011) 884-887.
S.B Korsholm, M. Stejner, H. Bindslev, V. Furtula, F. Leipold, F. Meo, P.K Michelsen, D. Moseev, S.K. Nielsen, M. Salewski et al.Measurements of Intrinsic Ion Bernstein Waves in a Tokamak by Collective Thomson Scattering, Phys. Rev. Lett. 16106 (2011) 
F.G Rimini, F. Crisanti, R. Albanese, G. Ambrosino, M. Ariola, G. Artaserse, T. Bellizio, V. Coccorese, G. De Tommasi, P. de Vries et al.First plasma operation of the enhanced JET vertical stabilisation system, Fusion Eng. Des. 6-886 (2011) 539-543.
G.M Wright, J. Westerhout, R.S. Al, E. Alves, L.C Alves, N.P Barradas, M.A van den Berg, D. Borodin, S. Brezinsek, S. Brons et al.Materials research under ITER-like divertor conditions at FOM Rijnhuizen, J. Nucl. Mater. 417 (2011) 457-462.
J.J Zielinski, R. Al, H. van der Meiden, W. Melissen, J. Rapp, G. De TemmermanProduction and characterization of transient heat and particle pulses in Pilot-PSI, J. Nucl. Mater. 1415 (2011) S70-S73.