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P.J. Leenaers, A.J.L.A. Maufort, M.M. Wienk, R.A.J. JanssenImpact of pi-Conjugated Linkers on the Effective Exciton Binding Energy of Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Dithienopyrrole Copolymers, J. Phys. Chem. C 124 (2020) 27403-27412.
H.J van der Meiden, J.WM Vernimmen, J. van den Berg, I.GJ ClassenIncoherent and Collective Thomson Scattering for the Determination of Electron and Ion Properties in Low-Temperature Plasma, J. Fusion Energy 39 (2020) 251–260.
P. Viegas, L. Vialetto, A.J Wolf, F.JJ Peeters, P.WC Groen, T.WH Righart, W.A Bongers, M.CM van de Sanden, P. DiomedeInsight into contraction dynamics of microwave plasmas for CO2 conversion from plasma chemistry modelling, Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 29 (2020) 105014.
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P.J Leenaers, H. van Eersel, J.Y Li, M.M Wienk, R.AJ JanssenInfluence of Regioregularity on the Optoelectronic Properties of Conjugated Diketopyrrolopyrrole Polymers Comprising Asymmetric Monomers, Macromolecules 53 (2020) 7749-7758.
H. Weisen, C.F Maggi, M. Oberparleiter, F.J Casson, Y. Camenen, S. Menmuir, L. Horvath, F. Auriemma, T. Bache, M. Marin et al.Isotope dependence of energy, momentum and particle confinement in tokamaks, J. Plasma Phys. 86 (2020) 905860501.
D. Pintossi, C.L Chen, M. Saakes, Z. Borneman, K. NijmeijerInfluence of sulfate on anion exchange membranes in reverse electrodialysis, NPJ Clean Water 3 (2020) 29.
L.A Hamlow, Y. Nei, R.R Wu, J. Gao, J.D Steill, G. Berden, J. Oomens, M.T RodgersInfluence of the local environment on the intrinsic structures of gas-phase cytidine-5′-monophosphates, Int. J. Mass Spectrom. 447 (2020) 116234.
T.W Morgan, M. Balden, T. Schwartz-Selinger, Y. Li, T. Loewenhoff, M. Wirtz, S. Brezinsek, G. De TemmermanITER monoblock performance under lifetime loading conditions in Magnum-PSI, Phys. Scr. 95 (2020) 014065.
A.J Wolf, T.WH Righart, F.JJ Peeters, W.A Bongers, M.CM van de SandenImplications of thermo-chemical instability on the contracted modes in CO2 microwave plasmas, Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 29 (2020) 025005.
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Y.A Hugo, W. Kout, F. Sikkema, Z. Borneman, K. NijmeijerIn situ long-term membrane performance evaluation of hydrogen-bromine flow batteries, J. Energy Storage 27 (2020) 101068.