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C. Bourdelle, C.F Maggi, L. Chone, P. Beyer, J. Citrin, N. Fedorczak, X. Garbet, A. Loarte, F. Militello, M. Romanelli et al.L to H mode transition: on the role of Z(eff), Nuclear Fusion 54 (2014) 022001.
C. Bourdelle, L. Chone, N. Fedorczak, X. Garbet, P. Beyer, J. Citrin, E. Delabie, G. Dif-Pradalier, G. Fuhr, A. Loarte et al.L to H mode transition: parametric dependencies of the temperature threshold, Nucl. Fusion 55 (2015) 073015.
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G.J van RooijLaboratory experiments and devices to study plasma surface interaction, Fusion Sci. Technol. 2T53 (2008) 298-304.
G.J van RooijLaboratory experiments and devices to study plasma surface interaction, Fusion Sci. Technol. 61 (2012) 266-272.
J. Oomens, A.G.G.M. Tielens, B.G Sartakov, G. von Helden, G. MeijerLaboratory infrared spectroscopy of cationic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon molecules, Astrophysical Journal 2591 (2003) 968-985.
B.N Murdin, M. KamalSaadi, C.M Ciesla, C.R Pidgeon, C Langerak, R.A Stradling, E. GornikLandau level lifetimes in an InAs/AlSb quantum well determined by a picosecond far-infrared pump-probe technique, Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Research 1204 (1997) 155-158.
C Langerak, B.N Murdin, C.M Ciesla, J. Oswald, A. Homer, G. Springholz, G. Bauer, R.A Stradling, M. Kamal-Saadi, E. Gornik et al.Landau-level lifetimes in PbTe nipi superlattices, PbTe/PbEuTe and InAs/AlSb quantum wells, Physica E 1-42 (1998) 121-125.
Y.F Baranov, C.D Challis, J. Ongena, B. Alper, G. Arnoux, P. Buratti, T. Gerbaud, D. Keeling, V. Kiptily, J. Mailloux et al.Large ELM-like events triggered by core MHD in JET advanced tokamak plasmas: impact on plasmas profiles, plasma-facing components and heating systems, Nucl. Fusion 52 (2012) 023018.
A. Bhattacharya, G. Georgiou, S. Sawallich, C. Matheisen, M. Nagel, J Gomez RivasLarge near-to-far field spectral shifts for terahertz resonances, Phys. Rev. B 93 (2016) 035438.
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B. Schweer, A. Huber, G. Sergienko, V. Philipps, F. Irrek, H.G Esser, U. Samm, M. Kempenaars, M. Stamp, C. Gowers et al.Laser desorption of deuterium retained in re-deposited carbon layers at TEXTOR and JET, Journal of Nuclear Materials 1-3337-39 (2005) 570-574.
E.S Toma, H.G MullerLaser disintegration of Van der Waals clusters of carbon-containing molecules, Physical Review A 166 (2002) 
L.M Martini, N. Gatti, G. Dilecce, M. Scotoni, P. TosiLaser induced fluorescence in nanosecond repetitively pulsed discharges for CO2 conversion, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 60 (2018) 014016.
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R.K Zhukavin, D.M Gaponova, A.V Muravjov, E.E Orlova, V.N Shastin, S.G Pavlov, H.W Hubers, J.N Hovenier, T.O Klaassen, H. Riemann et al.Laser transitions under resonant optical pumping of donor centres in Si : P, Applied Physics B-Lasers and Optics 576 (2003) 613-616.
C.J BarthLaser-Aided Plasma Diagnositcs, Fusion Technology 2T37 (2000) 344-351.
C.J BarthLaser-aided plasma diagnostics, Fusion Science and Technology 2T41 (2002) 386-393.
C.J Barth, A.JH DonneLaser-aided plasma diagnostics, Fusion Science and Technology 2T45 (2004) 407-417.