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L. Tanure, A. Bakaeva, L. Lapeire, D. Terentyev, M. Vilémová, J. Matejicek, K. VerbekenNano-hardness, EBSD analysis and mechanical behavior of ultra-fine grain tungsten for fusion applications as plasma facing material, Surf. Coat. Technol. 355 (2018) 252-258.
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Y. Zayachuk, D.EJ Armstrong, K. Bystrov, S. van Boxel, T. Morgan, S.G RobertsNanoindentation study of the combined effects of crystallography, heat treatment and exposure to high-flux deuterium plasma in tungsten, J. Nucl. Mater. 486 (2017) 183-190.
E. Louis, A.E Yakshin, T. Tsarfati, F. BijkerkNanometer interface and materials control for multilayer EUV-optical applications, Prog. Surf. Sci. 86 (2011) 255-294.
R.WE van de Kruijs, E. Zoethout, A.E Yakshin, I. Nedelcu, E. Louis, H. Enkisch, G. Sipos, S. Mullender, F. BijkerkNano-size crystallites in Mo/Si multilayer optics, Thin Solid Films 2515 (2006) 430-433.
Y.Z Jia, W. Liu, B. Xu, G.N Luo, C. Li, B.Q Fu, G. De TemmermanNanostructures and pinholes on W surfaces exposed to high flux D plasma at high temperatures, J. Nucl. Mater. 463 (2015) 312-315.
I. Tanyeli, L. Marot, M.CM van de Sanden, G. De TemmermanNanostructuring of Iron Surfaces by Low-Energy Helium Ions, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 6 (2014) 3462-3468.
A. Bieberle, I. Tanyeli, R. Lavrijsen, B. Koopmans, R. Sinha, M.CM van de SandenNanostructuring of iron thin films by high flux low energy helium plasma, Thin Solid Films 631 (2017) 50-56.
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G. De Temmerman, K. Bystrov, J.J Zielinski, M. Balden, G. Matern, C. Arnas, L. MarotNanostructuring of molybdenum and tungsten surfaces by low-energy helium ions, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 430 (2012) 041306.
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D. Oepts, R.J Bakker, D.A Jaroszynski, A.FG van der Meer, P.W van AmersfoortNarrow-Band Operation of Felix, Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section a-Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and Associated Equipment 1-3341 (1994) ABS28-ABS28.
F. Bocchino, E. van der Swaluw, R. Chevalier, R. BandieraThe nature of the X-ray halo of the plerion G21.5-0.9 unveiled by XMM-Newton and Chandra, Astronomy & Astrophysics 2442 (2005) 539-548.
A.T Salmi, T. Tala, G. Corrigan, C. Giroud, J. Ferreira, J. Lonnroth, P. Mantica, V. Parail, M. Tsalas, T.W Versloot et al.NBI torque in the presence of magnetic field ripple: experiments and modelling for JET, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 853 (2011) 085005.
P. Lauber, I.G.J. Classen, D. Curran, V. Igochine, B. Geiger, S. da Graca, M. García-Muñoz, M. Maraschek, P. McCarthyNBI-driven Alfvenic modes at ASDEX Upgrade, Nucl. Fusion 52 (2012) 094007.
R. Peeters, G. Berden, G. MeijerNear-infrared cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy of hot water and OH in an oven and in flames, Applied Physics B-Lasers and Optics 173 (2001) 65-70.
G. Simone, DCarlo D. Rasi, X. de Vries, G.HL Heintges, S.CJ Meskers, R.AJ JanssenNear-Infrared Tandem Organic Photodiodes for Future Application in Artificial Retinal Implants, Adv. Mater. 30 (2018) 1804678.
D. Strauss, G. Aiello, R. Bertizzolo, A. Bruschi, N. Casal, R. Chavan, D. Farina, L. Figini, M. Gagliardi, D. Ronden et al.Nearing final design of the ITER EC H&CD Upper Launcher, Fusion Eng. Des. 146 (2019) 23-26.