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P. Gomez, J.K. Wang, M. Mas-Montoya, D. Bautista, C.H.L Weijtens, D. Curiel, R.A.J JanssenPyrene-Based Small-Molecular Hole Transport Layers for Efficient and Stable Narrow-Bandgap Perovskite Solar Cells, Sol. RRL 5 (2021) 2100454.
Y. Li, T.W. Morgan, J. van den Berg, J.W. Genuit, G. De Temmerman, J.P.M Hoefnagels, J.A.W van Dommelen, K. Verbeken, M.G.D GeersPower deposition behavior of high-density transient hydrogen plasma on tungsten in Magnum-PSI, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 63 (2021) 085016.
G.M. Longo, L. Vialetto, P. Diomede, S. Longo, V. LaportaPlasma modelling and prebiotic chemistry: a review of the state of the art and perspective, Molecules 26 (2021) 3663.
D. Pintossi, C. Simoes, M. Saakes, Z. Borneman, K. NijmeijerPredicting reverse electrodialysis performance in the presence of divalent ions for renewable energy generation, Energy Convers. Manag. 243 (2021) 114369.
M. Li, P.J. Leenaers, J.Y. Li, M.M. Wienk, R.A.J JanssenPolymorphism of a semi-crystalline diketopyrrolopyrrole-terthiophene polymer, J. Polym. Sci. 59 (2021) 1285-1292.
L.F. He, M. Khafizov, C. Jiang, B. Tyburska-Pueschel, B.J. Jaques, P.Y. Xiu, P. Xu, M.K. Meyer, K. Sridharan, D.P. Butt et al.Phase and defect evolution in uranium-nitrogen-oxygen system under irradiation, Acta Mater. 208 (2021) 116778.
P. Rindt, S.Q. Korving, T.W. Morgan, N.J. Lopes CardozoPerformance of liquid-lithium-filled 3D-printed tungsten divertor targets under deuterium loading with ELM-like pulses in Magnum-PSI, Nucl. Fusion 61 (2021) 066026.
M.J. Pueschel, P.Y. Li, P.W. TerryPredicting the critical gradient of ITG turbulence in fusion plasmas, Nucl. Fusion 61 (2021) 054003.
G. Kumari, R. Kamarudheen, E. Zoethout, A. BaldiPhotocatalytic Surface Restructuring in Individual Silver Nanoparticles, ACS Catal. 11 (2021) 3478–3486.
R.K. Sharma, H.C. Patel, U. Mushtaq, V. Kyriakou, G. Zafeiropoulos, F. Peeters, S. Welzel, M.C.M van de Sanden, M.N. TsampasPlasma Activated Electrochemical Ammonia Synthesis from Nitrogen and Water, ACS Energy Lett. 6 (2021) 313-319.
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M.C. Sorkun, J.M.V.A Koelman, S. ErPushing the limits of solubility prediction via quality-oriented data selection, iScience 24 (2021) 101961.
A.W van de Steeg, T. Butterworth, D.CM van den Bekerom, A.F Silva, M.CM van de Sanden, G.J van RooijPlasma activation of N-2, CH4 and CO2: an assessment of the vibrational non-equilibrium time window, Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 29 (2020) 115001.
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M.J Pueschel, R.D Sydora, P.W Terry, B. Tyburska-Pueschel, M. Francisquez, F. Jenko, B. ZhuPair Plasma Instability in Homogeneous Magnetic Guide Fields, Phys. Plasmas 27 (2020) 102111.
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T.D Butterworth, A.W van de Steeg, D.CM van den Bekerom, S A. da Silva, M.CM van de Sanden, G.J van RooijPlasma induced vibrational excitation of CH4-a window to its mode selective processing, Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 29 (2020) 095007.
H.J Bin, I. Angunawela, B.B Qiu, F.JM Colberts, M.M Li, M.J Dyson, M.M Wienk, H. Ade, Y.F Li, R.AJ JanssenPrecise Control of Phase Separation Enables 12% Efficiency in All Small Molecule Solar Cells, Adv. Energy Mater. 10 (2020) 2001589.
L.Z Cai, X.X Zeng, M. Liu, J.B Wang, J.P Song, B.Y Yan, Z. Chen, X. Huang, Y. Li, T.W Morgan et al.Preliminary development of a conceptual first wall for DEMO, Nucl. Fusion 60 (2020) 096015.
B.WH Saes, M.M Wienk, R.AJ JanssenPhotochromic organic solar cells based on diarylethenes, RSC Adv. 10 (2020) 30176-30185.
R. Kamarudheen, G. Kumari, A. BaldiPlasmon-driven synthesis of individual metal@semiconductor core@shell nanoparticles, Nat. Commun. 11 (2020) 3957.
R. KamarudheenPlasmon-Driven Synthesis of Hierarchical Nanostructures, PhD (2020) 
F.J Casson, H. Patten, C. Bourdelle, S. Breton, J. Citrin, F. Koechl, M. Sertoli, C. Angioni, Y. Baranov, R. Bilato et al.Predictive multi-channel flux-driven modelling to optimise ICRH tungsten control and fusion performance in JET, Nucl. Fusion 60 (2020) 066029.