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H. Bin, I. Angunawela, R. Ma, A. Nallapaneni, C. Zhu, P.J Leenaers, B.WH Saes, M.M Wienk, H. Yan, H. Ade et al.Effect of Main and Side Chain Chlorination on the Photovoltaic Properties of Benzodithiophene-Alt-Benzotriazole Polymers, J. Mater. Chem. C 8 (2020) 15426-15435.
B.WH Saes, M.M Wienk, R.AJ JanssenThe Effect of a-Branched Side Chains on the Structural and Opto-Electronic Properties of Poly(Diketopyrrolopyrrole-alt-Terthiophene), Chem. Eur. J. 26 (2020) 14221-14228.
S. Pamela, A. Bhole, G.TA Huijsmans, B. Nkonga, M. Hoelzl, I. Krebs, E. Strumberger, JET ContributorsExtended Full-MHD Simulation of Non-linear Instabilities in Tokamak Plasmas, Phys. Plasmas 27 (2020) 102510.
A. Anastasopoulou, R. Keijzer, B.S Patil, J. Lang, G. van Rooij, V. HesselEnvironmental impact assessment of plasma-assisted and conventional ammonia synthesis routes, J. Ind. Ecol. 24 (2020) 1171-1185.
A. Pandiyan, V. di Palma, V. Kyriakou, W.MM Kessels, M. Creatore, M.CM van de Sanden, M.N TsampasEnhancing the Electrocatalytic Activity of Redox Stable Perovskite Fuel Electrodes in Solid Oxide Cells by Atomic Layer-Deposited Pt Nanoparticles, ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 8 (2020) 12646–12654.
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C. Simoes, D. Pintossi, M. Saakes, Z. Borneman, W. Brilman, K. NijmeijerElectrode segmentation in reverse electrodialysis: Improved power and energy efficiency, Desalination 492 (2020) 114604.
A. Anastasopoulou, R. Keijzer, S. Butala, J. Lang, G.J van Rooij, V. HesselEco-efficiency analysis of plasma-assisted nitrogen fixation, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 53 (2020) 234001.
M.M Li, P.J Leenaers, M.M Wienk, R.AJ JanssenThe effect of alkyl side chain length on the formation of two semi-crystalline phases in low band gap conjugated polymers, J. Mater. Chem. C 8 (2020) 5856-5867.
K.L Li, Y. Li, W.Q Chen, C. Zhao, Y. Yuan, L. Cheng, T.W Morgan, W. Liu, Z.J ShenEffect of Ta addition on the fuzz formation of additively manufactured W based materials, Nucl. Fusion 60 (2020) 064004.
P. Diomede, S. LongoEffect of gas temperature on CO2+ ion transport in CO2, Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 29 (2020) 045010.
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A. Uthayakumar, A. Pandiyan, S. Mathiyalagan, A.K Keshri, S.BK MoorthyThe effect of space charge on blocking grain boundary resistance in an yttrium-doped barium zirconate electrolyte for solid oxide fuel cells, J. Phys. Chem. C 124 (2020) 5591-5599.
S. Kajita, G.RA Akkermans, K. Fujii, H.J van der Meiden, M.CM van de SandenEmission spectroscopy of He lines in high-density plasmas in Magnum-PSI, AIP Adv. 10 (2020) 025225.
A. Shamu, H. Miedema, Z. Borneman, K. NijmeijerThe effect of supercritical CO2 on the permeation of dissolved water through PDMS membranes, J. CO2 Util. 35 (2020) 145-152.