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G.HC van WerkhovenELIXER, a simulation code for the spatial structure of light pulses in free-electron lasers, RR 95-226 (1995) PDF icon RR95-226.pdf (1.18 MB)
J.A KoningsElectron thermal transport in tokamak plasmas, PhD (1994) 
A.G. PeetersHigh power RF heating and nonthermal distributions in tokamak plasmas, PhD (1994) 
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F. Hoenen, E. Graffmann, K.H. Finken, H.J Barrenscheen, H. Klein, R. JaspersLiquid Scintillation Detectors for Gamma and Neutron Diagnostic at Textor and Results of Runaway and Sawtooth Oscillations, Review of Scientific Instruments 865 (1994) 2594-2598.
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