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F. BijkerkLaser-Plasma Xuv Sources, Advances in Performance, Institute of Physics Conference Series 130 (1993) 471-477.
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V.A Bazylev, T.J Schep, A.V TulupovPeriodic structures in plasma for electron acceleration and free electron lasers, RR 93-217 (1993) PDF icon RR93-217.pdf (635.4 KB)
G.TA Huysmans, J.P GoedbloedLow-n ideal and resistive MHD stability of JET discharges, MHD analysis of JET single-null discharges by extending and applying CASTOR RR 93-218 (1993) PDF icon RR93-218.pdf (580.01 KB)
G.TA Huysmans, H.A Holties, J.P GoedbloedAnalysis of global Alfven modes by the extension of CASTOR with an external antenna, RR 93-219 (1993) PDF icon RR93-219.pdf (555.23 KB)