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L.C Ingesson, R. Barnsley, A. Malaquias, M. O'MullaneOptimization of the lines of sight of the ITER x-ray crystal spectrometer diagnostic, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 1075 (2004) 3696-3698.
L.C Ingesson, D.J Campbell, M. Cecconello, E. Ciattaglia, P. Dirken, N. Hawkes, M. Walsh, M. von Hellermann, S. Kalvin, P. McCarthy et al.Progress on common aspects of the EU-supplied ITER diagnostics and prediction of diagnostic performance, Review of Scientific Instruments 1077 (2006) 
L.C Ingesson, J. Rapp, G.F MatthewsRadiation in impurity-seeded discharges in the JET MkI, MkIIA and MkIIGB divertors, Journal of Nuclear Materials 313 (2003) 1173-1177.
M.E Puiatti, M. Mattioli, G. Telesca, M. Valisa, I. Coffey, P. Dumortier, C. Giroud, L.C Ingesson, K.D Lawson, G. Maddison et al.Radiation pattern and impurity transport in argon seeded ELMy H-mode discharges in JET, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 944 (2002) 1863-1878.
J. Rapp, P. Monier-Garbet, G.F Matthews, R. Sartori, P. Andrew, P. Dumortier, T. Eich, W. Fundamenski, M. von Hellermann, J. Hogan et al.Reduction of divertor heat load in JET ELMy H-modes using impurity seeding techniques, Nuclear Fusion 244 (2004) 312-319.
J. Rapp, W. Fundamenski, L.C Ingesson, S. Jachmich, A. Huber, G.F Matthews, P. Morgan, M.F StampSeptum assessment of the JET gas box divertor, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 950 (2008) 30.
A. Huber, P. Coad, D. Coster, L.C Ingesson, K. Itami, S. Jachmich, A. Kirschner, M. Lehnen, G.F Matthews, P. Mertens et al.Tomographic reconstruction of 2D line radiation distribution in the JET MkIIGB divertor, Journal of Nuclear Materials 313 (2003) 925-930.
L.C Ingesson, B. Alper, B.J Peterson, J.C ValletTomography diagnostics: Bolometry and soft-X-ray detection, Fusion Sci. Technol. 253 (2008) 528-576.
J. Ongena, P. Monier-Garbet, W. Suttrop, P. Andrew, M. Becoulet, R. Budny, Y. Corre, G. Cordey, P. Dumortier, T. Eich et al.Towards the realization on JET of an integrated H-mode scenario for ITER, Nuclear Fusion 144 (2004) 124-133.
A. Huber, K. McCormick, P. Andrew, P. Beaumont, S. Dalley, J. Fink, J.C Fuchs, K. Fullard, W. Fundamenski, L.C Ingesson et al.Upgraded bolometer system on JET for improved radiation measurements, Fusion Engineering and Design 82 (2007) 1327-1334.
L.C Ingesson, J.J Koning, A.JH Donne, D.C. SchramVisible-Light Tomography Using an Optical Imaging-System, Review of Scientific Instruments 1063 (1992) 5185-5187.