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M. Ciotti, T. Denner, G. Maruccia, K.H. Finken, J. Hobirk, A. Kremer-Flecken, G. Maddaluno, G. Mank, P. Pasqua, F.C Schüller et al.Thermal pattern measurements during disruptions on TEXTOR-94, Journal of Nuclear Materials 266 (1999) 1023-1027.
K.H. Finken, R. Koch, H. Euringer, G. van Wassenhove, J.A Boedo, D.S Gray, D.L Hillis, P. Huet, G. Mank, D. Van Eester et al.Resonant Coupling of Ion-Cyclotron Waves to Energetic Helium-Ions, Physical Review Letters 373 (1994) 436-439.
R. Koch, A.M Messiaen, J. Ongena, R. Vannieuwenhove, G. Van Oost, G. van Wassenhove, P. Dumortier, F. Durodie, P.E Vandenplas, D. Vanesteer et al.Recent Results on Ion-Cyclotron and Combined Heating of Textor, Fusion Engineering and Design 1-426 (1995) 103-120.
G. Mank, A.M Messiaen, J. Ongena, B. Unterberg, P. Dumortier, K.H. Finken, R. Jaspers, H.R Koslowski, A. Kramer-Flecken, J. Rapp et al.Quasistationary high confinement discharges with trans-greenwald density on TEXTOR-94, Physical Review Letters 1185 (2000) 2312-2315.
J. Hobirk, A.M Messiaen, K.H. Finken, J. Ongena, M. Brix, R. Jaspers, H.R Koslowski, A. Kramer-Flecken, G. Mank, J. Rapp et al.Pellet fuelling into radiative improved confinement discharges in TEXTOR-94, Nuclear Fusion 840 (2000) 1469-1475.
R.R Weynants, A.M Messiaen, J. Ongena, B. Unterberg, G. Bonheure, P. Dumortier, R. Jaspers, R. Koch, H.R Koslowski, A. Kramer-Flecken et al.Overview of radiative improved mode results on TEXTOR-94, Nuclear Fusion 11Y39 (1999) 1637-1648.
J. Pamela, E.R Solano, J.M Adams, G. Agarici, M. Agarici, H. Akhter, R. Albanese, S. Alberti, S. Allfrey, B. Alper et al.Overview of JET results, Nuclear Fusion 1243 (2003) 1540-1554.
R. Jaspers, T. Grewe, K.H. Finken, A. KramerFlecken, N.JL Cardozo, G. Mank, G. WaidmannObservations of Infrared Radiation During Disruptions in Textor - Heat Pulses and Runaway Electrons, Journal of Nuclear Materials 220 (1995) 682-687.
K.H. Finken, G. Mank, A. Kramer-Flecken, R. JaspersMitigation of disruptions by fast helium gas puffs, Nuclear Fusion 1141 (2001) 1651-1661.
R. Jaspers, N.JL Cardozo, K.H. Finken, B.C Schokker, G. Mank, G. Fuchs, F.C SchüllerIslands of Runaway Electrons in the Textor Tokamak and Relation to Transport in a Stochastic Field, Physical Review Letters 2672 (1994) 4093-4096.
A.M Messiaen, J. Ongena, U. Samm, B. Unterberg, G. van Wassenhove, F. Durodie, R. Jaspers, M.Z Tokar, P.E Vandenplas, G. Van Oost et al.High confinement and high density with stationary plasma energy and strong edge radiation in the TEXTOR-94 tokamak, Physical Review Letters 1277 (1996) 2487-2490.
A.M Messiaen, J. Ongena, B. Unterberg, J. Boedo, G. Fuchs, R. Jaspers, L. Konen, H.R Koslowski, G. Mank, J. Rapp et al.High confinement and high density with stationary plasma energy and strong edge radiation cooling in the upgraded Torus experiment for technology oriented research (TEXTOR-94), Physics of Plasmas 54 (1997) 1690-1698.
R. Jaspers, K.H. Finken, G. Mank, F. Hoenen, J.A Boedo, N.JL Cardozo, F.C SchüllerExperimental Investigation of Runaway Electron Generation in Textor, Nuclear Fusion 1233 (1993) 1775-1785.
R. Jaspers, N.JL Cardozo, F.C Schüller, K.H. Finken, T. Grewe, G. MankDisruption generated runaway electrons in TEXTOR and ITER, Nuclear Fusion 336 (1996) 367-373.
I.M Pankratov, R. Jaspers, K.H. Finken, I. Entrop, G. MankControl of runaway electron secondary generation by changing Z(eff), Nuclear Fusion 238 (1998) 279-286.