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A. De Ploey, R.AM Van der Linden, A.JC BelienOn the continua in two-dimensional nonadiabatic magnetohydrodynamic spectra, Physics of Plasmas 67 (2000) 2354-2365.
A.JC Belien, S. Poedts, J.P GoedbloedContinuous magnetohydrodynamic spectra of two-dimensional coronal magnetostatic flux tubes, Astronomy & Astrophysics 3322 (1997) 995-1006.
A.JC Belien, P.CH Martens, R. KeppensCoronal heating by resonant absorption: The effects of chromospheric coupling, Astrophysical Journal 1526 (1999) 478-493.
A.JC Belien, M.A Botchev, J.P Goedbloed, B. van der Holst, R. KeppensFINESSE: Axisymmetric MHD equilibria with flow, Journal of Computational Plasma Physics 1182 (2002) 91-117.
A.JC Belien, S. Poedts, J.P GoedbloedMagnetohydrodynamic continua and stratification induced Alfven eigenmodes in coronal magnetic loops, Physical Review Letters 476 (1996) 567-570.
A.JC Belien, M.A Botchev, J.P Goedbloed, B. van der Holst, R. KeppensNew numerical tools to study waves and instabilities of flowing plasmas, Computer Physics Communications 1-2147 (2002) 497-500.
J.P Goedbloed, A.JC Belien, B. van der Holst, R. KeppensNo additional flow continua in magnetohydrodynamics, Physics of Plasmas 911 (2004) 4332-4340.
S. Poedts, G. Toth, A.JC Belien, J.P GoedbloedNonlinear mhd simulations of wave dissipation in flux tubes, Solar Physics 1-2172 (1997) 45-52.
S. Poedts, A.JC Belien, J.P GoedbloedOn the Quality of Resonant Absorption as a Coronal Loop Heating Mechanism, Solar Physics 2151 (1994) 271-304.
A.JC Belien, B. van der Holst, M. Nool, A. van der Ploeg, J.P GoedbloedSpectral calculations in magnetohydrodynamics using the Jacobi-Davidson method, Future Generation Computer Systems 817 (2001) 919-924.
A.JC Belien, S. Poedts, J.P GoedbloedTwo-dimensional equilibrium in coronal magnetostatic flux tubes: an accurate equilibrium solver, Computer Physics Communications 1-2106 (1997) 21-38.
J.P Goedbloed, A.JC Belien, B. van der Holst, R. KeppensUnstable continuous spectra of transonic axisymmetric plasmas, Physics of Plasmas 111 (2004) 28-54.