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A.JC Belien, B. van der Holst, J.P GoedbloedMHD stability analysis of the KSTAR tokamak plasma, RR 97-232 (1997) PDF icon RR97-232.pdf (683.94 KB)
S. Poedts, A. De Ploey, J.P GoedbloedMHD stability analysis of the KT-2 tokamak plasma, RR 96-227 (1996) PDF icon RR96-227.pdf (1.21 MB)
H.A Holties, G.TA Huysmans, J.P Goedbloed, W.OK Kerner, F. Soldner, V. ParailMHD stability of advanced tokamak scenarios, RR 94-221 (1994) PDF icon RR94-221.pdf (566.23 KB)
C.AJ HugenholtzMicrowave interferometer and reflectometer techniques for thermonuclear plasmas, RR 90-192 (1990) PDF icon RR90-192.pdf (2.83 MB)
A.JH DonneOptimalization study for ion-temperature measurements by means of Rutherford scattering, RR 86-164 (1986) PDF icon RR86-164.pdf (752.99 KB)
R. Keppens, J.P GoedbloedParallel computational magneto-fluid dynamics : Nonlinear dynamics of thermonuclear, astrophysical, and geophysical plasmas and fluids, RR 97-235 (2000) 
V.A Bazylev, T.J Schep, A.V TulupovPeriodic structures in plasma for electron acceleration and free electron lasers, RR 93-217 (1993) PDF icon RR93-217.pdf (635.4 KB)
A.JH Donne, S.K Kim, C.J Barth, D.F Da Cruz, B.JJ Grobben, B. de Groot, P.C van Haren, C.AJ Hugenholtz, J.J Koning, H.A van der Laan et al.Plasma diagnostics for the Rijnhuizen Tokamak Project, RR 89-187 (1989) PDF icon RR89-187.pdf (1.35 MB)
E. Westerhof, A.G. Peeters, W.L SchippersRelax a computer code for the study of collisional and wave driven relaxation of the electron distribution function in toroidal geometry, RR 92-211 (1992) PDF icon RR92-211.pdf (1.42 MB)
B.P van Milligen, N.J. Lopes Cardozo, S.WJ den Brok, M. Rehbach, J. Rem, J.H Sluyters, J.L Urai, A. van Veen, E. VisserReport on cold fusion experiments, RR 91-206 (1991) PDF icon RR91-206.pdf (807.12 KB)
A.AM Oomens, H.S Lassing, A.FG van der MeerReversed field pinch discharges with elongated minor cross-section, RR 90-197 (1990) PDF icon RR90-197.pdf (188.35 KB)
C.AJ van der GeerStudy of profile control and supra-thermal electron production with electron cyclotron waves, RR 86-171 (1987) PDF icon RR86-171.pdf (2.36 MB)
J.P GoedbloedSystematic control of large computer program SCCL, update, and FORTRAN procedures, RR 86-169 (1986) PDF icon RR86-169.pdf (2.45 MB)
C.J BarthTangential Thomson scattering, RR 87-173 (1987) PDF icon RR87-173.pdf (362.03 KB)
C.AJ HugenholtzTechnical description of the sources, detection systems and data acquisitions for the JET multi-channel reflectometer, RR 86-170 (1986) PDF icon RR86-170.pdf (260.02 KB)
C.AJ van der GeerTheorie and design of a Te01-Te11 mode converter, RR 86-163 (1986) PDF icon RR86-163.pdf (751.14 KB)
E. Westerhof, W.J GoedheerTransport code studies of electron cyclotron heating experiments on TFR, RR 87-175 (1987) PDF icon RR87-175.pdf (903.27 KB)