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V. KvonAlternative target concepts for power and particle exhaust in fusion application, PhD (2018) 
B.P van MilligenAnalysis of equilibrium and topology of tokamak plasmas, PhD (1991) 
A.S MeshkovaAtmospheric pressure plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (AP-PECVD) of silica: Understanding the role of the local deposition rate in the surface and film morphology, PhD (2018) 
F.M ElamAtmospheric pressure-plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition of silica. Characterisation and control of porosity in multi-layer encapsulation films, PhD (2018) 
R.C WieggersB2.5-Eunomia simulations of Pilot-PSI, PhD (2012) 
W. WeymiensBifurcation theory of the L-H transition in fusion plasmas, PhD (2014) 
J. WesterhoutCarbon chemical erosion in high flux and low temperature hydrogen plasma, PhD (2010) 
M. de RoverChaos in magnetized plasmas, PhD (1996) 
J.E BoomCharacterization of Edge Localized Modes in Tokamak Plasmas, PhD (2012) 
J.Q ChenCharacterization of EUV induced contamination on multilayer optics, PhD (2011) 
R. StuikCharacterization of XUV sources, PhD (2002) 
H.H WeitsCoherence studies on a short-pulse FEL, PhD (1998) 
M. RamezaniCoherent light-matter interaction in arrays of plasmonic structures, PhD (2019) 
E.V. van der PlasCollisionless magnetic reconnection : the Contour dynamics approach, PhD (2007) 
B.J BraamsComputational studies in tokamak equilibrium and transport, PhD (1986) 
V. LandComputing the complex – Dusty plasmas in the presence of magnetic fields and UV radiation, PhD (2007) 
I. EntropConfinement of relativistic runaway electrons in tokamak plasmas, PhD (1999) 
M. LauretControl of mixing and oscillations in plasmas and fluids, PhD (2014) 
O. MerkulovControl of plasma profiles and stability through localized Electron Cyclotron Current Drive, PhD (2006) 
M. VenemaCurvature-induced electrostatic drift modes in a toroidal plasma, PhD (1985)