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H. Boessenkool, J. Thomas, J.GW Wildenbeest, C.JM Heemskerk, M.R de Baar, M. Steinbuch, D.A Abbink, JET ContributorsWhere to improve in human-in-the-loop tele-operated maintenance? A phased task analysis based on video data of maintenance at JET Fusion Eng. Des. 129 (2018) 309-319.
U. Cvelbar, J.L Walsh, M. Cernak, H.W de Vries, S. Reuter, T. Belmonte, C. Corbella, C. Miron, N. Hojnik, et al.White paper on the future of plasma science and technology in plastics and textiles, Plasma Process. Polym. 16 (2019) 1700228.
R. Brandenburg, A. Bogaerts, W. Bongers, A. Fridman, G. Fridman, B.R Locke, V. Miller, S. Reuter, M. Schiorlin, T. Verreycken et al.White paper on the future of plasma science in environment, for gas conversion and agriculture, Plasma Process. Polym. 16 (2019) 1700238.
K. George, X.Q Zhang, A. BieberleWhy does NiOOH cocatalyst increase the oxygen evolution activity of a-Fe2O3? J. Chem. Phys. 150 (2019) 041729.
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A.E Shumack, J. Rzadkiewicz, M. Chernyshova, K. Jakubowska, M. Scholz, A. Byszuk, R. Cieszewski, T. Czarski, W. Dominik, L. Karpinski et al.X-ray crystal spectrometer upgrade for ITER-like wall experiments at JET, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 85 (2014) 11E425.
E.S Toma, H.G MullerX-ray emission after laser disintegration of clusters of carbon-containing molecules, Physical Review A 166 (2002) 
S.S Ellwi, L. Juschkin, S. Ferri, H.J Kunze, K.N Koshelev, E. LouisX-ray lasing as a result of an induced instability in an ablative capillary discharge, Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics 334 (2001) 336-339.
J. Perez-Carbajo, I. Matito-Martos, S.RG Balestra, M.N Tsampas, M.CM van de Sanden, J.A Delgado, V.I Águeda, P.J Merkling, S. CaleroZeolites for CO2–CO–O2 Separation to Obtain CO2-Neutral Fuels, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 10 (2018) 20512–20520.
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A.JH DonneChallenges on the road towards fusion electricity, Eur. Phys. News 47 (2016) 20-24.
A.V Tulupov, M.J van der Wiel, W.H Urbanus, M. Caplan3-D simulations of the FEM oscillator for fusion at 130-250 GHz, RR 93-216 (1993) PDF icon RR93-216.pdf (373.18 KB)
J.P Goedbloed, M. Goossens, W. Kerner, S. Poedts, R.AM Van der Linden, G. Halberstadt, G.TA Huysmans, H. Stenuit, R. Keppens, R. Scheurwater et al.Alfven wave heating and dissipative instabilities of astrophysical plasmas, RR 92-213 (1992) PDF icon RR92-213.pdf (1.29 MB)
G.TA Huysmans, H.A Holties, J.P GoedbloedAnalysis of global Alfven modes by the extension of CASTOR with an external antenna, RR 93-219 (1993) PDF icon RR93-219.pdf (555.23 KB)
N.J. Lopes CardozoAnomalous plasma heating induced by modulation of the current-density profile, RR 85-160 (1985) PDF icon RR85-160.pdf (2.23 MB)
R.M NiestadtCalibration of the fast 12-channel ECE spectrometer at JET, RR 86-168 (1986) PDF icon RR86-168.pdf (601.06 KB)
S. Poedts, H.A Holties, J.P GoedbloedCASTOR : installation and user guide, RR 96-229 (1996) PDF icon RR96-229.pdf (534.32 KB)
F. Peeters, H.JL Hendrickx, A.W van de Steeg, T.WH Righart, A.J Wolf, G.J van Rooij, W.A Bongers, M.CM van de SandenChemiluminescence as a diagnostic tool in CO2 microwave plasma, ISPC 24  (2019) 318.
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H.S LassingThe development of a magneto-optic current-measurement system for high, pulsed currents, RR 85-161 (1985) PDF icon RR85-161.pdf (807.67 KB)