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M. GreceaLight induced molecular processes on ice, PhD (2006) 
H.JN van EckThe linear plasma generator Magnum-PSI, PhD (2013) 
W. van ToledoLow-energy hydrogen flux measurements at the TORTUR tokamak with negative ion conversion, PhD (1990) 
B. VanovacLow-frequency inter-ELM pedestal modes at ASDEX upgrade, PhD (2019) 
C. WangMagnetohydrodynamic study of plasma channels for use in laser wakefield accelerators, PhD (2005) 
J.W HaverkortMagnetohydrodynamic waves and instabilities in rotating tokamak plasmas, PhD (2013) 
J.N HawkeMeasurement of electron kinetic profiles in the divertor region and during magnetic perturbations using Thomson scattering, PhD (2015) 
C.P.Pérez von ThunMHD analysis of edge instabilities in the JET tokamak, PhD (2004) 
C.AJ HugenholtzMicrowave interferometer and reflectometer techniques for thermonuclear plasmas, PhD (1990) 
W.A BongersMillimeter-wave aspects of the FOM Fusion Free Electron Maser, PhD (2004) 
T.C BlankenModel-based estimation and control of the particle distribution and discharge supervision in nuclear fusion reactors, PhD (2019) 
K. Beks-PeerenboomModeling of magnetized expanding plasmas, PhD (2012) 
H. van den BrandModelling and measurements for control of magnetic instabilities in tokamak plasmas, PhD (2016) 
M.R. AkdimModelling of complex plasmas, PhD (2003) 
E.D de RooijMolecular dynamics simulations in interactions between hydrogen and fusion-relevant materials, PhD (2010) 
V de Rooij-LohmannNanoscale diffusion, compound formation and phase transitions in Mo/Si multilayer structures, PhD (2010) 
D.UB AussemsNanostructured microparticle synthesis by high-flux plasma processing, PhD (2018) 
A.D van DamNanowire photonics for photovoltaics, PhD (2016) 
E.G. DelabieNeutral beam driven hydrogen spectroscopy in fusion plasmas, PhD (2011) 
S. RokeNew light on hidden surfaces, PhD (2004)