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H. BoessenkoolHaptic assistance for teleoperated maintenance of fusion plants : task analysis, design and evaluation, PhD (2017) 
A.C MaasHelium Distribution Functions in Tokamak Plasmas, PhD (1995) 
I. TanyeliHelium ion induced nanostructuring of metal surface, PhD (2016) 
J.J ZielinskiA high power pulsed plasma system for material testing under simultaneous continuous and transient loads, PhD (2013) 
A.G. PeetersHigh power RF heating and nonthermal distributions in tokamak plasmas, PhD (1994) 
W.AJ VijversA high-flux cascaded arc hydrogen plasma source, PhD (2011) 
A.S KuznetsovHydrogen particle and plasma interactions with heterogeneous structures, PhD (2013) 
I.G.J. ClassenImaging and control of magnetic islands in tokamaks, PhD (2007) 
A.E ShumackThe influence of electric fields and neutral particles on the plasma sheath at ITER divertor conditions, PhD (2011) 
V.JF LapoutreInfrared spectra of strongly bound clusters : extending the limits of action spectroscopy, PhD (2013) 
D. van HeijnsbergenInfrared spectroscopic characterization of strongly bound gas phase clusters, PhD (2003) 
R.G SatinkAn infrared spectroscopic study of prototypical conjugated hydrocarbons, PhD (2004) 
A H. GaluéInfrared spectroscopy of mass-selected aromatic and diamondoid molecular ions : a laboratory quest for the organic inventory in space, PhD (2012) 
I. NedelcuInterface structure and interdiffusion in Mo/Si multilayers, PhD (2007) 
M.JH KesselsInterfaces in soft x-ray multilayer mirrors, PhD (2005) 
J. BosgraInterlayer thermodynamics in nanoscale layered structures for reflection of EUV radiation, PhD (2013) 
A. KappatouInvestigations of helium transport in ASDEX Upgrade plasmas with charge exchange recombination spectroscopy, PhD (2014) 
H.F TammenThe Ion Velocity Distribution of Tokamak Plasmas: Rutherford Scattering at TEXTOR, PhD (1995) 
A.JR van den BoogaardIon-enhanced growth in planar and structured Mo/Si multilayers, PhD (2011) 
V.P VeremiyenkoAn ITER-relevant magnetized hydrogen plasma jet, PhD (2006)