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T. Nakano, A.E Shumack, C.F Maggi, M. Reinke, K.D Lawson, I. Coffey, T. Putterich, S. Brezinsek, B. Lipschultz, G.F Matthews et al.Determination of tungsten and molybdenum concentrations from an x-ray range spectrum in JET with the ITER-like wall configuration, J. Phys. B 48 (2015) 144023.
A. Sykes, R.J Akers, L.C Appel, E.R Arends, P.C Carolan, N.J Conway, G.F Counsell, G. Cunningham, A. Dnestrovskij, Y.N Dnestrovskij et al.First results from MAST, Nuclear Fusion 1041 (2001) 1423-1433.
R.J Akers, J.W Ahn, L.C Appel, E.R Arends, K.B Axon, R.J Buttery, C. Byrom, P.G Carolan, G.F Counsell, G. Cunningham et al.H-mode access and performance in the Mega-Amp Spherical Tokamak, Physics of Plasmas 99 (2002) 3919-3929.
A.R Field, P.G Carolan, R.J Akers, E.R Arends, K. Axon, R.J Buttery, N.J Conway, G.F Counsell, G. Cunningham, S.J Fielding et al.H-mode plasmas in the MAST spherical tokamak, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 44 (2002) A113-A121.
R.J Akers, G.F Counsell, A. Sykes, L.C Appel, E.R Arends, C. Byrom, P.G Carolan, N.J Conway, G. Cunningham, A. Dnestrovskij et al.L-H transition in the Mega-Amp spherical tokamak, Phys. Rev. Lett. 388 (2002) 4.
M.FM de Bock, J. Citrin, S. Saarelma, D. Temple, N.J Conway, A. Kirk, H. Meyer, C.A MichaelMeasurements of the edge current evolution and comparison with neoclassical calculations during MAST H-modes using motional Stark effect, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 254 (2012) 025001.
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B. Lloyd, R.J Akers, F. Alladio, S. Allan, L.C Appel, M. Barnes, N.C Barratt, N. Ben Ayed, B.N Breizman, M. Cecconello et al.Overview of physics results from MAST, Nucl. Fusion 951 (2011) 094013.
H. Meyer, I.G Abel, R.J Akers, A. Allan, S.Y Allan, L.C Appel, O. Asunta, M. Barnes, N.C Barratt, N. Ben Ayed et al.Overview of physics results from MAST towards ITER/DEMO and the MAST Upgrade, Nucl. Fusion 1053 (2013) 104008.
I.T. Chapman, S.D Pinches, J.P Graves, R.J Akers, L.C Appel, R.V Budny, S. Coda, N.J Conway, M. De Bock, L.-G. Eriksson et al.The physics of sawtooth stabilization, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 49 (2007) B385-B394.
R.J Buttery, R. Akers, E. Arends, N.J Conway, G.F Counsell, G. Cunningham, C.G Gimblett, M. Gryaznevich, R.J Hastie, M.J Hole et al.Stability at high performance in the MAST spherical tokamak, Nuclear Fusion 944 (2004) 1027-1035.
M.R Tournianski, P.G Carolan, N.J Conway, G.F Counsell, E.R Arends, M.J WalshUse of one dimensional D-alpha camera to measure edge electron density gradients, Review of Scientific Instruments 374 (2003) 2089-2093.
A.E Shumack, J. Rzadkiewicz, M. Chernyshova, K. Jakubowska, M. Scholz, A. Byszuk, R. Cieszewski, T. Czarski, W. Dominik, L. Karpinski et al.X-ray crystal spectrometer upgrade for ITER-like wall experiments at JET, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 85 (2014) 11E425.