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V.S. UdintsevElectron temperature dynamics of TEXTOR plasmas, PhD (2003) 
J.A KoningsElectron thermal transport in tokamak plasmas, PhD (1994) 
MR de BaarElectron transport barriers in tokamak plasmas, PhD (1999) 
J.WS BloklandEquilibrium and stability of tokamak plasmas and accretion disks, PhD (2007) 
K.E BystrovErosion and morphology changes of graphite under high flux and low temperature plasma bombardment, PhD (2014) 
M. van BerkelEstimation of heat transport coefficients in fusion plasmas, PhD (2015) 
T. BeleteEvaluation of (plasma-assisted) decomposition of transition metals doped CaCO3 for CO2 capture and conversion, PhD (2019) 
J.A. PiestExciting Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Vibrations, PhD (2002) 
H.W LassingExperiments on screw-pinch plasmas with elongated cross section, PhD (1989) 
G. WitvoetFeedback control and injection locking of the sawtooth oscillation in fusion plasmas, PhD (2011) 
B.A. HennenFeedback control for magnetic island suppression in tokamaks, PhD (2011) 
C.AJ van der GeerFELIX : design and instrumentation, PhD (1999) 
I.MN GrootThe fight for a reactive site, PhD (2009) 
M.NA BeurskensFilamentation of Tokamak Plasmas, PhD (1999) 
G. ValoriFluid and kinetic aspects of collisionless magnetic reconnection, PhD (2001) 
N. den HarderFrom temperature to reactivity : optical diagnosis of high-density plasmas, PhD (2016) 
J.W WeberGraphene : an optical diagnostic study, PhD (2015) 
H. BoessenkoolHaptic assistance for teleoperated maintenance of fusion plants : task analysis, design and evaluation, PhD (2017) 
A.C MaasHelium Distribution Functions in Tokamak Plasmas, PhD (1995) 
I. TanyeliHelium ion induced nanostructuring of metal surface, PhD (2016)