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E. BackusDriving and probing surfaces with light, PhD (2005) 
B. AytenDynamical aspects of tearing mode suppression by electron cyclotron heating and current drive in tokamak plasmas, PhD (2013) 
C.C. de BruijnDynamics of laser produced XUV emitting plasmas, PhD  (2004) 
S.K VarshneyDynamics of mesoscale structures in tokamak plasmas, studied by multi-pulse Thomson scattering, PhD (2006) 
F. GouThe dynamics of plasma surface interaction, PhD (2007) 
T.W VerslootEdge rotation and momentum transport in JET fusion plasmas, PhD (2011) 
F.JJ PeetersThe electrical dynamics of dielectric barrier discharges, PhD (2015) 
A.CAP van LammerenElectron and current density measurements on tokamak plasmas, PhD (1991) 
M. ValentiniElectron Beam Transport in High Power Free Electron Masers, PhD (1997) 
R.MJ SillenElectron cyclotron emission from tokamak plasmas, PhD (1986) 
E. WesterhofElectron cyclotron waves, transport and instabilities in hot plasmas, PhD (1987) 
G.JJ RemkesElectron density fluctuation measurements in the TORTUR tokamak, PhD (1990) 
M. PetersElectron Heat Transport in Current Carrying and Currentless Thermonuclear Plasmas, PhD (1996) 
V.S. UdintsevElectron temperature dynamics of TEXTOR plasmas, PhD (2003) 
J.A KoningsElectron thermal transport in tokamak plasmas, PhD (1994) 
MR de BaarElectron transport barriers in tokamak plasmas, PhD (1999) 
M. GrofulovicEnergy storage and transfer in non-equilibrium CO2 plasmas, PhD (2019) 
J.WS BloklandEquilibrium and stability of tokamak plasmas and accretion disks, PhD (2007) 
K.E BystrovErosion and morphology changes of graphite under high flux and low temperature plasma bombardment, PhD (2014) 
M. van BerkelEstimation of heat transport coefficients in fusion plasmas, PhD (2015)