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R. KleibergenThe Alfven wave spectrum of analytic high-beta tokamak equilibria, PhD (1987) 
E. WesterhofElectron cyclotron waves, transport and instabilities in hot plasmas, PhD (1987) 
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W.A Dezeeuw, N. Yousef, H. DekluiverRadial Electron Thermal Diffusivities from the Perturbation of the Electron-Temperature Profile by a Turbulent Heating Pulse in the Tortur Tokamak, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 529 (1987) 639-649.
C.AJ van der GeerStudy of profile control and supra-thermal electron production with electron cyclotron waves, RR 86-171 (1987) PDF icon RR86-171.pdf (2.36 MB)
E. WesterhofRequirements on Heating or Current Drive for Tearing Mode Stabilization by Current Profile Tailoring, Nuclear Fusion 1127 (1987) 1929-1934.
G. GiruzziImpact of Electron Trapping on Rf Current Drive in Tokamaks, Nuclear Fusion 1127 (1987) 1934-1939.
E. Westerhof, W.J GoedheerTransport code studies of electron cyclotron heating experiments on TFR, RR 87-175 (1987) PDF icon RR87-175.pdf (903.27 KB)
A.JH Donne, E.P Barbian, H.W VandervenOn the Application of the Rutherford-Scattering Diagnostics to Ion Temperature-Measurements, Journal of Applied Physics 862 (1987) 3130-3137.