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M.L Grecea, M.A Gleeson, W. van Schaik, A.W Kleyn, F. BijkerkErratum to 'Co-adsorption of NH(3) and SO(2) on quartz(0 0 0 1): Formation of a stabilized complex (vol 511, pg 270, 2011)', Chem. Phys. Lett. 1-3516 (2011) 111-111.
H.J Voorma, G.E van Dorssen, E. Louis, N.B Koster, A.D Smith, M.D Roper, F. BijkerkEXAFS measurements on the structure of Mo/Si multilayers produced using ion bombardment and increased deposition temperature, Applied Surface Science 393 (1996) 221-230.
R. van der Meer, I.V Kozhevnikov, H.MJ Bastiaens, K.J Boller, F. BijkerkExtended theory of soft x-ray reflection for realistic lamellar multilayer gratings, Opt. Express 1121 (2013) 13105-13117.
A. Gao, P.J Rizo, E. Zoethout, L. Scaccabarozzi, C.J Lee, V. Banine, F. BijkerkExtreme ultraviolet induced defects on few-layer graphene, J. Appl. Phys. 4114 (2013) 044313.
A.P Shevelko, L.A Shmaenok, S.S Churilov, R Bastiaensen, F. BijkerkExtreme ultraviolet spectroscopy of a laser plasma source for lithography, Physica Scripta 257 (1998) 276-282.
F. Bijkerk, L.A Shmaenok, E. Louis, H.J Voorma, N.B Koster, C. Bruineman, R Bastiaensen, E.WJM van der Drift, J. Romijn, L.EM de Groot et al.Extreme UV lithography: A new laser plasma target concept and fabrication of multilayer reflection masks, Microelectronic Engineering 1-430 (1996) 183-186.
H.J Voorma, E. Louis, N.B Koster, F. Bijkerk, T. Zijlstra, L.EM de Groot, B.AC Rousseeuw, J. Romijn, E.WJM van der Drift, J. FriedrichFabrication and analysis of extreme ultraviolet reflection masks with patterned W/C absorber bilayers, Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 215 (1997) 293-298.
S. Dobrovolskiy, A.E Yakshin, F.D Tichelaar, J. Verhoeven, E. Louis, F. BijkerkFormation of Si/SiC multilayers by low-energy ion implantation and thermal annealing, Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res. Sect. B-Beam Interact. Mater. Atoms 6268 (2010) 560-567.
A. Gao, C.J Lee, F. BijkerkGraphene defect formation by extreme ultraviolet generated photoelectrons, J. Appl. Phys. 5116 (2014) 054312.
T. Tsarfati, E. Zoethout, R. van de Kruijs, F. BijkerkGrowth and sacrificial oxidation of transition metal nanolayers, Surf. Sci. 7603 (2009) 1041-1045.
Q. Huang, M. de Boer, J. Barreaux, R. van der Meer, E. Louis, F. BijkerkHigh efficiency structured EUV multilayer mirror for spectral filtering of long wavelengths, Opt. Express 22 (2014) 19365-19374.
F. Bijkerk, E. Louis, E.CI Turcu, G.J TallentsHigh Repetition Rate Krf Laser Plasma X-Ray Source for Microlithography, Microelectronic Engineering 1-417 (1992) 219-222.
I.V Kozhevnikov, R. van der Meer, H.MJ Bastiaens, K.J Boller, F. BijkerkHigh-resolution, high-reflectivity operation of lamellar multilayer amplitude gratings: identification of the single-order regime, Opt. Express 1518 (2010) 16234-16242.
A.S Kuznetsov, R.WE van de Kruijs, M.A Gleeson, K. Schmid, F. BijkerkHydrogen interaction with EUVL-relevant optical materials, J. Surf. Ingestig.-X-Ray Synchro. 44 (2010) 563-566.
A.S Kuznetsov, M.A Gleeson, F. BijkerkHydrogen-induced blistering mechanisms in thin film coatings, J. Phys. Condens. Matter 24 (2012) 052203.
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A.S Kuznetsov, M.A Gleeson, F. BijkerkHydrogen-induced blistering of Mo/Si multilayers: Uptake and distribution, Thin Solid Films 545 (2013) 571-579.
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L Alink, R.W.E. de Kruijs, E. Louis, F. Bijkerk, J. VerhoevenImproved temperature stability of Mo/Si multilayers by carbide based diffusion barriers through implantation of low energy CHx+ ions, Thin Solid Films 1-2510 (2006) 26-31.
J.Q Chen, E. Louis, R. Harmsen, T. Tsarfati, H. Wormeester, M. van Kampen, W. van Schaik, R. van de Kruijs, F. BijkerkIn situ ellipsometry study of atomic hydrogen etching of extreme ultraviolet induced carbon layers, Appl. Surf. Sci. 258 (2011) 7-12.
T. Tsarfati, E. Zoethout, R. van de Kruijs, F. BijkerkIn-depth agglomeration of d-metals at Si-on-Mo interfaces, J. Appl. Phys. 6105 (2009) 5.
V.V Ivanov, K.N Koshelev, E.S Toma, F. BijkerkInfluence of an axial magnetic field on the density profile of capillary plasma channels, Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics 736 (2003) 832-836.