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M. de Rover, N.JL Cardozo, A. MontvaiHamiltonian description of the topology of drift orbits of relativistic particles in a tokamak, Physics of Plasmas 123 (1996) 4468-4477.
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H.J van der Meiden, R.S. Al, C.J Barth, A.JH Donne, R. Engeln, W.J Goedheer, B. de Groot, A.W Kleyn, W.R Koppers, N.JL Cardozo et al.High sensitivity imaging Thomson scattering for low temperature plasma, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 179 (2008) 8.
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F.A Karelse, M. de Bruijne, C.J Barth, M.NA Beurskens, G.MD Hogeweij, N.JL CardozoMeasurements of the current density profile with tangential Thomson scattering in RTP, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 443 (2001) 443-468.
B.C Schokker, M. Talvard, N.JL Cardozo, G. GiruzziMeasurements of the Suprathermal Electron Density Profile by Electron Cyclotron Emission at the Upper Cut-Off Layer in Tore Supra, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 1137 (1995) 1299-1309.
G.MD Hogeweij, N.JL Cardozo, MR de Baar, A.M.R. SchilhamA model for electron transport barriers in tokamaks, tested against experimental data from RTP, Nuclear Fusion 1238 (1998) 1881-1891.
H.JN van Eck, W.R Koppers, G.J van Rooij, W.J Goedheer, R. Engeln, D.C. Schram, N.JL Cardozo, A.W KleynModeling and experiments on differential pumping in linear plasma generators operating at high gas flows, J. Appl. Phys. 6105 (2009) 11.