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P. Carcabal, R.T Kroemer, L.C Snoek, J.P Simons, J.M Bakker, I. Compagnon, G. Meijer, G. von HeldenHydrated complexes of tryptophan: ion dip infrared spectroscopy in the 'molecular fingerprint' region, 100-2000 cm(-1), Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 196 (2004) 4546-4552.
M.R Tarbutt, H.L Bethlem, J.J Hudson, V.L Ryabov, V.A Ryzhov, B.E Sauer, G. Meijer, E.A HindsSlowing heavy, ground-state molecules using an alternating gradient decelerator, Physical Review Letters 1792 (2004) 
J. Oomens, D.T Moore, G. von Helden, G. Meijer, R.C DunbarThe site of Cr+ attachment to gas-phase aniline from infrared spectroscopy, Journal of the American Chemical Society 3126 (2004) 724-725.
A. Fielicke, A. Kirilyuk, C. Ratsch, J. Behler, M. Scheffler, G. von Helden, G. MeijerStructure determination of isolated metal clusters via far-infrared spectroscopy, Physical Review Letters 293 (2004) 
S.A Schulz, H.L Bethlem, J. van Veldhoven, J. Kupper, H. Conrad, G. MeijerMicrostructured switchable mirror for polar molecules, Physical Review Letters 293 (2004) 
T.D Jaeger, A. Fielicke, G. von Helden, G. Meijer, M.A DuncanInfrared spectroscopy of water adsorption on vanadium cluster cations (V-x(+); x=3-18), Chemical Physics Letters 4-6392 (2004) 409-414.
K. Demyk, D. van Heijnsbergen, G. von Helden, G. MeijerExperimental study of gas phase titanium and aluminum oxide clusters, Astronomy & Astrophysics 2420 (2004) 547-552.
F.MH Crompvoets, H.L Bethlem, J. Kupper, A.JA van Roij, G. MeijerDynamics of neutral molecules stored in a ring, Physical Review A 669 (2004) 
D.T Moore, J. Oomens, L. van der Meer, G. von Helden, G. Meijer, J. Valle, A.G Marshall, J.R EylerProbing the vibrations of shared, OH+O-bound protons in the gas phase, Chem Phys Chem 55 (2004) 740-743.
R.A Jockusch, R.T Kroemer, F.O Talbot, L.C Snoek, P. Carcabal, J.P Simons, M. Havenith, J.M Bakker, I. Compagnon, G. Meijer et al.Probing the glycosidic linkage: UV and IR ion-dip spectroscopy of a lactoside, Journal of the American Chemical Society 18126 (2004) 5709-5714.
J.M Bakker, I. Compagnon, G. Meijer, G. von Helden, M. Kabelac, P. Hobza, M.S de VriesThe mid-IR absorption spectrum of gas-phase clusters of the nucleobases guanine and cytosine, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 106 (2004) 2810-2815.
D.T Moore, J. Oomens, J.R Eyler, G. Meijer, G. von Helden, D.P RidgeGas-phase IR spectroscopy of anionic iron carbonyl clusters, Journal of the American Chemical Society 45126 (2004) 14726-14727.
J. van Veldhoven, J. Kupper, H.L Bethlem, B. Sartakov, A.JA van Roij, G. MeijerDecelerated molecular beams for high-resolution spectroscopy - The hyperfine structure of (ND3)-N-15, European Physical Journal D 231 (2004) 337-349.
J. Oomens, G. von Helden, G. MeijerInfrared photodissociation spectroscopy of the benzoic acid radical cation in a quadrupole trap, Journal of Physical Chemistry A 40108 (2004) 8273-8278.
T.D Jaeger, D. van Heijnsbergen, S.J Klippenstein, G. von Helden, G. Meijer, M.A DuncanVibrational spectroscopy and density functional theory of transition-metal ion-benzene and dibenzene complexes in the gas phase, Journal of the American Chemical Society 35126 (2004) 10981-10991.
A. Fielicke, G. von Helden, G. Meijer, D.B Pedersen, B. Simard, D.M RaynerSize and charge effects on the binding of CO to small isolated rhodium clusters, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 38108 (2004) 14591-14598.