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W.EN van Harskamp, C.M Brouwer, D.C. Schram, M.CM van de Sanden, R. EngelnDetailed H(n=2) density measurements in a magnetized hydrogen plasma jet, Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 21 (2012) 024009.
G.J van Rooij, G.M WrightDiagnostics for erosion and deposition processes in fusion plasmas, Fusion Sci. Technol. 61 (2012) 394-401.
G.MD HogeweijDegraded confinement and turbulence in tokamak experiments, Fusion Sci. Technol. 61 (2012) 145-152.
A.JH Donne, A.E Costley, A.W MorrisDiagnostics for plasma control on DEMO: challenges of implementation, Nucl. Fusion 752 (2012) 074015.
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M. Lauret, F. Felici, G. Witvoet, T.P Goodman, G. Vandersteen, O. Sauter, MR de BaarDemonstration of sawtooth period locking with power modulation in TCV plasmas, Nucl. Fusion 52 (2012) 062002.
M. Tirado, J. Rutters, X. Chen, A. Yeung, J. van Maarseveen, J.R Eyler, G. Berden, J. Oomens, N.C PolferDisfavoring Macrocycle b Fragments by Constraining Torsional Freedom: The "Twisted" Case of QWFGLM b(6), J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. 323 (2012) 475-482.
Y. Zayachuk, M.HJ 't Hoen, P.AZeijlma van Emmichoven, I. Uytdenhouwen, G. Van OostDeuterium retention in tungsten and tungsten-tantalum alloys exposed to high-flux deuterium plasmas, Nucl. Fusion 52 (2012) 103021.
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G.A van Swaaij, K. Bystrov, D. Borodin, A. Kirschner, L.B van der Vegt, G.J van Rooij, G. De Temmerman, W.J GoedheerDissociative recombination and electron-impact de-excitation in CH photon emission under ITER divertor-relevant plasma conditions, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 54 (2012) 095013.
K.B Jinesh, J.L van Hemmen, M.CM van de Sanden, F. Roozeboom, J.H Klootwijk, W.FA Besling, W.MM KesselsDielectric Properties of Thermal and Plasma-Assisted Atomic Layer Deposited Al2O3 Thin Films, J. Electrochem. Soc. 158 (2011) G21-G26.
S. BruijnDiffusion phenomena in chemically stabilized multilayer structures, PhD (2011) 
E. Galtier, F.B Rosmej, T. Dzelzainis, D. Riley, F.Y Khattak, P. Heimann, R.W Lee, A.J Nelson, S.M Vinko, T. Whitcher et al.Decay of Cystalline Order and Equilibration during the Solid-to-Plasma Transition Induced by 20-fs Microfocused 92-eV Free-Electron-Laser Pulses, Phys. Rev. Lett. 106 (2011) 164801.
S.D Farahani, J. Chalupsky, T. Burian, H. Chapman, A.J Gleeson, V. Hajkoya, L. Juha, M. Jurek, D. Klinger, H. Sinn et al.Damage threshold of amorphous carbon mirror for 177 eV FEL radiation, Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res. Sect. A-Accel. Spectrom. Dect. Assoc. Equip. 635 (2011) S39-S42.
H.JN van Eck, T.AR Hansen, A.W Kleyn, H.J van der Meiden, D.C. Schram, P.AZeijlma van EmmichovenA differentially pumped argon plasma in the linear plasma generator Magnum-PSI: gas flow and dynamics of the ionized fraction, Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. 20 (2011) 045016.
S. Porro, G. De Temmerman, S. Lisgo, D.L Rudakov, A. Litnovsky, P. Petersson, P. John, J.IB WilsonDiamond coatings exposure to fusion-relevant plasma conditions, J. Nucl. Mater. 1415 (2011) S161-S164.
R. Sobierajski, S. Bruijn, A.R Khorsand, E. Louis, R de Kruijs, T. Burian, J. Chalupsky, J. Cihelka, A. Gleeson, J. Grzonka et al.Damage mechanisms of MoN/SiN multilayer optics for next-generation pulsed XUV light sources, Opt. Express 119 (2011) 193-205.
S.K. Nielsen, M. Salewski, H. Bindslev, A. Burger, V. Furtula, M. Kantor, S.B Korsholm, H.R Koslowski, A. Kramer-Flecken, F. Leipold et al.Dynamics of fast ions during sawtooth oscillations in the TEXTOR tokamak measured by collective Thomson scattering, Nucl. Fusion 651 (2011) 063014.
A.E Shumack, D.C. Schram, J. Biesheuvel, W.J Goedheer, G.J van RooijDiagnosing ions and neutrals via n=2 excited hydrogen atoms in plasmas with high electron density and low electron temperature, Phys. Rev. E 383 (2011) 036402.
D.J Brown, S.E Stefan, G. Berden, J.D Steill, J. Oomens, J.R Eyler, B. BendiakDirect evidence for the ring opening of monosaccharide anions in the gas phase: photodissociation of aldohexoses and aldohexoses derived from disaccharides using variable-wavelength infrared irradiation in the carbonyl stretch region, Carbohydr. Res. 346 (2011) 2469-2481.
I.A Makhotkin, E. Louis, R.WE van de Kruijs, A.E Yakshin, E. Zoethout, A.Y Seregin, E.Y Tereschenko, S.N Yakunin, F. BijkerkDetermination of the density of ultrathin La films in La/B(4)C layered structures using X-ray standing waves, Phys. Status Solidi A-Appl. Mat. 11208 (2011) 2597-2600.
Y. Krasikov, T. Baross, W. Biel, A. Litnovsky, N. Hawkes, G. Kiss, J.FF Klinkhamer, J.F Koning, A. Krimmer, O. Neubauer et al.Development of design options for the port plug components of the ITER core CXRS diagnostic, Fusion Eng. Des. 9-1186 (2011) 2055-2059.