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G. Van Oost, V. Bulanin, A.JH Donne, E. Gusakov, A. Kramer-Flecken, L. Krupnik, J. Heikkinen, A. Melnikov, K. Razumova, V. Rozhansky et al.Role of turbulence and electric fields in the formation of transport barriers and the establishment of improved confinement in tokamak plasmas through INTER-machine comparison, Probl. At. Sci. Tech. 1 (2009) 8-12.
Y.N Dnestrovskij, K.A Razumova, A.JH Donne, G.MD Hogeweij, V.F Andreev, I.S Bel'bas, S.V Cherkasov, A.V Danilov, A.Y Dnestrovskij, S.E Lysenko et al.Self-consistency of pressure profiles in tokamaks, Nuclear Fusion 1146 (2006) 953-965.
M. van Berkel, G. Vandersteen, H.J Zwart, G.MD Hogeweij, J. Citrin, E. Westerhof, D. Peumans, M.R de BaarSeparation of transport in slow and fast time-scales using modulated heat pulse experiments (hysteresis in flux explained), Nucl. Fusion 58 (2018) 106042.
A. Jacchia, F. De Luca, G.MD Hogeweij, G. Gorini, J.A Konings, N.JL Cardozo, P. Mantica, M. PetersSimultaneous Analysis of Ech Modulation and Sawtooth Activity in the Plasma Core of the Rtp Tokamak, Nuclear Fusion 1234 (1994) 1629-1639.
G. Gorini, P. Mantica, G.MD Hogeweij, F. De Luca, A. Jacchia, J.A Konings, N.JL Cardozo, M. PetersSimultaneous Propagation of Heat Waves Induced by Sawteeth and Electron-Cyclotron Heating Power Modulation in the Rtp Tokamak, Physical Review Letters 1371 (1993) 2038-2041.
R.FG Meulenbroeks, MR de Baar, M.NA Beurskens, H.J de Blank, B.H. Deng, A.JH Donne, G.MD Hogeweij, N.JL Cardozo, A. Montvai, T. OyevaarSteady state off-axis sawtoothing in the Rijnhuizen Tokamak project, Physics of Plasmas 106 (1999) 3898-3905.
G.MD Hogeweij, A.AM Oomens, C.J Barth, M.NA Beurskens, C.C. Chu, J.FM van Gelder, J. Lok, N.JL Cardozo, F.J. Pijper, R.W Polman et al.Steady-state hollow electron temperature profiles in the Rijnhuizen Tokamak Project, Physical Review Letters 476 (1996) 632-635.
G.MD Hogeweij, F. De Luca, G. Gorini, A. Jacchia, J.A Konings, N.JL Cardozo, P. Mantica, M. PetersStudies of Transport in the Rtp Tokamak, Physica Scripta 551 (1995) 627-631.
M. van Berkel, A. De Cock, T. Ravensbergen, G.MD Hogeweij, H.J Zwart, G. VandersteenA systematic approach to optimize excitations for perturbative transport experiments, Phys. Plasmas 25 (2018) 082510.
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E. Westerhof, A. Lazaros, E. Farshi, MR de Baar, M.FM de Bock, I.G.J. Classen, R.JE Jaspers, G.MD Hogeweij, H.R Koslowski, A. Kramer-Flecken et al.Tearing mode stabilization by electron cyclotron resonance heating demonstrated in the TEXTOR tokamak and the implication for ITER, Nuclear Fusion 247 (2007) 85-90.
M. van Berkel, H.J Zwart, G.MD Hogeweij, M.R de BaarTechnical note on the linearity and power dependence of the diffusion coefficient in W7-AS, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 59 (2017) 062001.
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K.A Razumova, V.F Andreev, A.Y Kislov, N.A Kirneva, S.E Lysenko, Y.D Pavlov, T.V Shafranov, A.JH Donne, G.MD Hogeweij, G.W Spakman et al.Tokamak plasma self-organization and the possibility to have the peaked density profile in ITER, Nucl. Fusion 649 (2009) 6.
MR de Baar, M.NA Beurskens, G.MD Hogeweij, N.JL CardozoTokamak plasmas with dominant electron cyclotron heating; evidence for electron thermal transport barriers, Physics of Plasmas 126 (1999) 4645-4657.
N.JL Cardozo, J.CM Dehaas, G.MD Hogeweij, J. Orourke, A.C.C. Sips, B.JD TubbingTokamak Transport Studies Using Perturbation Analysis, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 1132 (1990) 983-998.
K.H. Finken, S.S Abdullaev, M.FM de Bock, M. von Hellermann, M. Jakubowski, R. Jaspers, H.R Koslowski, A. Kramer-Flecken, M. Lehnen, Y. Liang et al.Toroidal plasma rotation induced by the Dynamic Ergodic Divertor in the TEXTOR tokamak, Physical Review Letters 194 (2005) 
G. Gorini, P. Mantica, G.MD Hogeweij, J. de Kloe, N.JL Cardozo, R. T. P. TeamTransient transport barriers in ohmic and electron cyclotron heated RTP plasmas: Relation with rational magnetic surfaces, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 42 (2000) A161-A168.
J.A Konings, G.MD Hogeweij, N.JL Cardozo, A.AM Oomens, F.C SchüllerTransport Analysis in Ohmic and Ecr Heated Plasmas in the Rtp Tokamak, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 136 (1994) 45-56.
G.MD Hogeweij, MR de Baar, N.JL Cardozo, A.M.R. SchilhamTransport barriers and the q-profile experiment and modelling in RTP, Czechoslovak Journal of Physics 48 (1998) 25-31.
G.MD HogeweijTransport studies using perturbative experiments, Fusion Science and Technology 2T49 (2006) 293-299.
G.MD HogeweijTransport studies using perturbative experiments, Fusion Science and Technology 2T45 (2004) 315-320.