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I.A Makhotkin, E. Zoethout, R. van de Kruijs, S.N Yakunin, E. Louis, A.M Yakunin, V. Banine, S. Mullender, F. BijkerkShort period La/B and LaN/B multilayer mirrors for similar to 6.8 nm wavelength, Opt. Express 2421 (2013) 29894-29904.
M.JH Kessels, J. Verhoeven, F.D Tichelaar, F. BijkerkSi adhesion interlayer effects in hydrogen passivated Si/W soft X-ray multilayer mirrors, Surface Science 6600 (2006) 1405-1408.
A.R Khorsand, R. Sobierajski, E. Louis, S. Bruijn, E.D van Hattum, R.WE van de Kruijs, M. Jurek, D. Klinger, J.B Pelka, L. Juha et al.Single shot damage mechanism of Mo/Si multilayer optics under intense pulsed XUV-exposure, Opt. Express 218 (2010) 700-712.
R. van der Meer, I Kozhevnikov, B Krishnan, J Huskens, P Hegeman, C Brons, B Vratzov, B Bastiaens, K Boller, F. BijkerkSingle-order operation of lamellar multilayer gratings in the soft x-ray spectral range, AIP Adv. 13 (2013) 012103.
E. Louis, F. Bijkerk, L. Shmaenok, H.J Voorma, M.J van der Wiel, R. Schlatmann, J. Verhoeven, E.WJM van der Drift, J. Romijn, B.AC Rousseeuw et al.Soft-X-Ray Projection Lithography Using a High-Repetition-Rate Laser-Induced X-Ray Source for Sub-100 Nanometer Lithography Processes, Microelectronic Engineering 1-421 (1993) 67-70.
A.S Kuznetsov, R. Stuik, F. Bijkerk, A.P ShevelkoSpectral and spatial structure of extreme ultraviolet radiation in laser plasma-wall interactions, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 54 (2012) 085019.
I.A Makhotkin, E. Zoethout, E. Louis, A.M Yakunin, S. Mullender, F. BijkerkSpectral properties of La/B - based multilayer mirrors near the boron K absorption edge, Opt. Express 20 (2012) 11778-11786.
M. Bayraktar, F.A van Goor, K.J Boller, F. BijkerkSpectral purification and infrared light recycling in extreme ultraviolet lithography sources, Opt. Express 22 (2014) 8633-8639.
M van Herpen, R de Kruijs, D.JW Klunder, E. Louis, A.E Yakshin, A S. van der Westen, F. Bijkerk, V. BanineSpectral-purity-enhancing layer for multilayer mirrors, Opt. Lett. 633 (2008) 560-562.
S.M Wu, R. van de Kruijs, E. Zoethout, F. BijkerkSputtering yields of Ru, Mo, and Si under low energy Ar+ bombardment, J. Appl. Phys. 5106 (2009) 6.
J. Bosgra, E. Zoethout, A.MJ van der Eerden, J. Verhoeven, R.WE van de Kruijs, A.E Yakshin, F. BijkerkStructural properties of subnanometer thick Y layers in extreme ultraviolet multilayer mirrors, Appl. Opt. 3651 (2012) 8541-8548.
S.P Huber, R.WE van de Kruijs, A.E Yakshin, E. Zoethout, K.-J. Boller, F. BijkerkSubwavelength single layer absorption resonance antireflection coatings, Opt. Express 122 (2014) 490–497.
A.JR van den Boogaard, E. Louis, E. Zoethout, S. Mullender, F. BijkerkSurface morphology of Kr+-polished amorphous Si layers, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 428 (2010) 552-558.
A.S Kuznetsov, M.A Gleeson, F. BijkerkTemperature dependencies of hydrogen-induced blistering of thin film multilayers, J. Appl. Phys. 115 (2014) 173510.
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H.J Voorma, E. Louis, N.B Koster, F. BijkerkTemperature induced diffusion in Mo/Si multilayer mirrors, Journal of Applied Physics 983 (1998) 4700-4708.
I. Nedelcu, R.WE van de Kruijs, A.E Yakshin, F. BijkerkTemperature-dependent nanocrystal formation in Mo/Si multilayers, Physical Review B 2476 (2007) 
I. Nedelcu, R de Kruijs, A.E Yakshin, F. BijkerkThermally enhanced interdiffusion in Mo/Si multilayers, J. Appl. Phys. 8103 (2008) 6.
S. Bruijn, R.WE van de Kruijs, A.E Yakshin, E. Zoethout, F. BijkerkThermally induced decomposition of B4C barrier layers in Mo/Si multilayer structures, Surf. Coat. Technol. 7205 (2010) 2469-2473.
S.L Nyabero, R.WE van de Kruijs, A.E Yakshin, E. Zoethout, F. BijkerkThermally induced interface chemistry in Mo/B4C/Si/B4C multilayered films, J. Appl. Phys. 112 (2012) 054317.
I. Makhotkin, E. Zoethout, E. Louis, A.M Yakunin, S. Muellender, F. BijkerkWavelength selection for multilayer coatings for lithography generation beyond extreme ultraviolet, J. Micro-Nanolithogr. MEMS MOEMS 411 (2012) 040501.