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F. Jaulmes, B. Geiger, T. Odstrcil, M. Weiland, M. Salewski, A.S Jacobsen, J. Rasmussen, M. Stejner, S.K Nielsen, E. Westerhof et al.Numerical and experimental study of the redistribution of energetic and impurity ions by sawteeth in ASDEX Upgrade, Nucl. Fusion 56 (2016) 112012.
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G. Witvoet, M. Lauret, MR de Baar, E. Westerhof, M. SteinbuchNumerical demonstration of injection locking of the sawtooth period by means of modulated EC current drive, Nucl. Fusion 51 (2011) 103043.
H.R Koslowski, B. Alper, D.N Borba, T. Eich, S.E Sharapov, C.P Perez, E. WesterhofObservation of the palm tree mode, a new MHD mode excited by type-I ELMs on JET, Nuclear Fusion 345 (2005) 201-208.
H. Zohm, C. Angioni, R. Arslanbekov, C. Atanasiu, G. Becker, W. Becker, K. Behler, K. Behringer, A. Bergmann, R. Bilato et al.Overview of ASDEX upgrade results, Nuclear Fusion 1243 (2003) 1570-1582.
K.H. Finken, S. Abdullaev, W. Biel, M.FM de Bock, S. Brezinsek, C. Busch, I. Classen, D. Harting, M. von Hellermann, S. Jachmich et al.Overview of experiments with the dynamic ergodic divertor on TEXTOR, Contrib. Plasma Phys. 7-946 (2006) 515-526.
J. Pamela, E.R Solano, J.M Adams, G. Agarici, M. Agarici, H. Akhter, R. Albanese, S. Alberti, S. Allfrey, B. Alper et al.Overview of JET results, Nuclear Fusion 1243 (2003) 1540-1554.
H. Meyer, T. Eich, J. Citrin, I. Classen, D. Hogeweij, F. Jaulmes, A. Kappatou, H. van den Brand, B. Vanovac, W.AJ Vijvers et al.Overview of progress in European medium sized tokamaks towards an integrated plasma-edge/wall solution, Nucl. Fusion 57 (2017) 102014.
E. Westerhof, M.D Tokman, M.A GavrilovaRay-tracing through EC resonance and the wave energy flux, Fusion Engineering and Design 53 (2001) 47-51.
B.A. Hennen, E. Westerhof, P Nuij, J.W Oosterbeek, MR de Baar, W.A Bongers, A. Burger, D.J Thoen, M. SteinbuchReal-time control of tearing modes using a line-of-sight electron cyclotron emission diagnostic, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 1052 (2010) 20.
F. Jaulmes, E. Westerhof, H.J de BlankRedistribution of fast ions during sawtooth reconnection, Nucl. Fusion 54 (2014) 104013.
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K.A Razumova, A.JH Donne, V.F Andreev, G.MD Hogeweij, I.S Bel'bas, A.A Borschegovskij, A.Y Dnestrovskij, V.V Chistyakov, R. Jaspers, A.Y Kislov et al.Reduced core transport in T-10 and TEXTOR discharges at rational surfaces with low magnetic shear, Nuclear Fusion 1044 (2004) 1067-1074.
E. WesterhofRequirements on Heating or Current Drive for Tearing Mode Stabilization by Current Profile Tailoring, Nuclear Fusion 1127 (1987) 1929-1934.
N. Bertelli, D. De Lazzari, E. WesterhofRequirements on localized current drive for the suppression of neoclassical tearing modes, Nucl. Fusion 51 (2011) 15.
E. Westerhof, L.K KuznetsovaResonance broadening as a consequence of strong focussing of electron cyclotron wave beams, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 949 (2007) 1509-1520.
J.J Bolder, G. Witvoet, MR de Baar, N. van de Wouw, M.AM Haring, E. Westerhof, N.J Doelman, M. SteinbuchRobust sawtooth period control based on adaptive online optimization, Nucl. Fusion 752 (2012) 074006.
D. De Lazzari, E. WesterhofThe role of asymmetries in the growth and suppression of neoclassical tearing modes, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 53 (2011) 17.
E. Westerhof, J. Rem, T.J SchepRole of core losses in drift-vortex interactions, Physical Review E 156 (1997) 947-956.
E. WesterhofSawteeth and Disruptions, Fusion Technology 2T25 (1994) 152-157.
W.J Goedheer, E. WesterhofSawteeth, Transport and Electron-Cyclotron Heating in T-10, Nuclear Fusion 428 (1988) 565-576.
J.P Graves, C. Angioni, R.V Budny, R.J Buttery, S. Coda, L.G Eriksson, C.G Gimblett, T.P Goodman, R.J Hastie, M.A Henderson et al.Sawtooth control in fusion plasmas, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 47 (2005) B121-B133.