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F. Brochard, A. Shalpegin, S. Bardin, T. Lunt, V. Rohde, J.L Briançon, G. Pautasso, C. Vorpahl, R. Neu, ASDEXUpgrade teamVideo analysis of dust events in full-tungsten ASDEX Upgrade, Nucl. Fusion 57 (2017) 036002.
Y.Z Jia, W. Liu, B. Xu, S.L Qu, T.W MorganSurface damage of W exposed to combined stationary D plasma and ELMs-like pulsed plasma, J. Nucl. Mater. 487 (2017) 68-74.
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Y. Zayachuk, D.EJ Armstrong, K. Bystrov, S. van Boxel, T. Morgan, S.G RobertsNanoindentation study of the combined effects of crystallography, heat treatment and exposure to high-flux deuterium plasma in tungsten, J. Nucl. Mater. 486 (2017) 183-190.
T.C Narayan, F. Hayee, A. Baldi, L A. Koh, R. Sinclair, J.A DionneDirect visualization of hydrogen absorption dynamics in individual palladium nanoparticles, Nat. Comm. 8 (2017) 14020.
Y.Z Jia, W. Liu, B. Xu, S.L Qu, L.Q Shi, T.W MorganSubsurface deuterium bubble formation in W due to low-energy high flux deuterium plasma exposure, Nucl. Fusion 57 (2017) 034003.
L. Frassinetti, M.G Dunne, M. Beurskens, E. Wolfrum, A. Bogomolov, D. Carralero, M. Cavedon, R. Fischer, F.M Laggner, R.M McDermott et al.ELM behavior in ASDEX Upgrade with and without nitrogen seeding, Nucl. Fusion 57 (2017) 022004.
R. Wenninger, R. Kembleton, C. Bachmann, W. Biel, T. Bolzonella, S. Ciattaglia, F. Cismondi, M. Coleman, A.JH Donne, T. Eich et al.The physics and technology basis entering European system code studies for DEMO, Nucl. Fusion 57 (2017) 016011.
Y. Liu, F.M Elam, S.A Starostin, M.CM van de Sanden, J.B Bouwstra, H.W de VriesDual frequency diffuse dielectric barrier discharge in atmospheric-pressure air-like gas mixture for thin film deposition, GEC Workshop "Pulsed high power plasmas for the synthesis of nanostructured thin films”  (2016) workshop3..
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C.D Pintassilgo, S. WelzelTime-dependent coupled kinetics and gas temperature in N2-NO pulsed discharges, Eur. Phys. J. Appl. Phys. 176 (2016) 10801.
U. Schneidewind, M. van Berkel, C. Anibas, G. Vandersteen, C. Schmidt, I. Joris, P. Seuntjens, O. Batelaan, H.J ZwartLPMLE3: A novel 1-D approach to study water flow in streambeds using heat as a tracer, Water Resour. Res. 52 (2016) 6596-6610.
B.J Peterson, R. Sano, M.L Reinke, J. Canik, L.F Delgado-Aparicio, J. Lore, K. Mukai, T.K Gray, G.G van Eden, M.A JaworskiPreliminary design of a tangentially viewing imaging bolometer for NSTX-U, 87, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 87 (2016) 11D410.
R. Bravenec, J. Citrin, J. Candy, P. Mantica, T. Gorler, JET ContributorsBenchmarking the GENE and GYRO codes through the relative roles of electromagnetic and E × B stabilization in JET high-performance discharges, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 58 (2016) 125018.
H.J van der Meiden, J.WM Vernimmen, K. Bystrov, K. Jesko, M.Y Kantor, G. De Temmerman, T.W MorganCollective Thomson scattering system for determination of ion properties in a high flux plasma beam, Appl. Phys. Lett. 109 (2016) 261102.
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D. van Dam, N.JJ van Hoof, Y. Cui, P.J van Veldhoven, E.PAM Bakkers, J Gomez Rivas, J.EM HaverkortHigh-Efficiency Nanowire Solar Cells with Omnidirectionally Enhanced Absorption Due to Self-Aligned Indium–Tin–Oxide Mie Scatterers, ACS Nano 10 (2016) 11414-11419.
M. Yajima, N. Ohno, S. Kajita, G. De Temmerman, K. Bystrov, S. Bardin, T.W Morgan, S. MasuzakiInvestigation of arcing on fiber-formed nanostructured tungsten by pulsed plasma during steady state plasma irradiation, Fusion Eng. Des. 112 (2016) 156-161.
A.D van DamNanowire photonics for photovoltaics, PhD (2016) 
R. Doron, B. Rubinstein, J. Citrin, R. Arad, Y. Maron, A. Fruchtman, H.R Strauss, T.A MehlhornElectron density evolution during a fast, non-diffusive propagation of a magnetic field in a multi-ion-species plasma, Phys. Plasmas 23 (2016) 122126.
F. Sandra, A. Ballestero, V.L NGuyen, M.N Tsampas, P. Vernoux, C. Balan, Y. Iwamoto, U.B Demirci, P. Miele, S. BernardSilicon carbide-based membranes with high soot particle filtration efficiency, durability and catalytic activity for CO/HC oxidation and soot combustion, J. Membr. Sci. 501 (2016) 79–92.
X.Q Zhang, C. Cao, A. BieberleOrientation Sensitivity of Oxygen Evolution Reaction on Hematite, J. Phys. Chem. C 120 (2016) 28694–28700.
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A. Di Siena, T. Gorler, H. Doerk, J. Citrin, T. Johnson, M. Schneider, E. Poli, JET ContributorsNon-Maxwellian background effects in gyrokinetic simulations with GENE, J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 775 (2016) 012003.