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O.G BakuninThe Corrsin conjecture and anomalous transport, Journal of Plasma Physics 72 (2006) 647-670.
O.G BakuninCorrelations and anomalous transport effects related to stochastic instability, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 1147 (2005) 1857-1876.
O.G BakuninStatistics of small clusters in system with rare aggregation centers, Physica a-Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications 348 (2005) 245-251.
O.G BakuninCorrelation effects and nonlocal velocity distribution functions, Physica a-Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications 3-4346 (2005) 284-294.
O.G BakuninScaling law and fractality concepts in models of turbulent diffusion, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 1045 (2003) 1909-1929.
O.G BakuninPercolation transport in random flows with weak dissipation effects, Physica a-Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications 1-2345 (2005) 1-8.
O.G BakuninPercolation transport in random flows with drift and time-dependence effects, Physica a-Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications 347 (2005) 289-300.
O.G BakuninPercolation models of turbulent transport and scaling estimates, Chaos Solitons & Fractals 523 (2005) 1703-1731.
O.G BakuninPercolation regime of turbulent transport in weak compressible flows, Physica a-Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications 2-4351 (2005) 241-250.
O.G Bakunin, T.J SchepMulti-scale percolation and scaling laws for anisotropic turbulent diffusion, Physics Letters A 1-2322 (2004) 105-110.
A.A Balakin, N. Bertelli, E. WesterhofWave Beam Propagation Through Density Fluctuations, IEEE Trans. Plasma Sci. 39 (2011) 3012-3013.
A.A Balakin, M.A Balakina, E. WesterhofECRH power deposition from a quasi-optical point of view, Nucl. Fusion 648 (2008) 16.
M. Balden, S. Elgeti, M. Zibrov, K. Bystrov, T.W MorganEffect of the surface temperature on surface morphology, deuterium retention and erosion of EUROFER steel exposed to low-energy, high-flux deuterium plasma, Nucl. Mater. Energy 12 (2017) 289-296.
A. Baldi, T.C Narayan, A.L Koh, J.A DionneIn situ detection of hydrogen-induced phase transitions in individual palladium nanocrystals, Nat. Mater. 13 (2014) 1143-1148.
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C. Balocco, M. Halsall, N.Q Vinh, A.M SongTHz operation of asymmetric-nanochannel devices, J. Phys. Condens. Matter 3820 (2008) 5.
S. Banerjee, P. Vasu, M. von Hellermann, R.JE JaspersWall reflection modeling for charge exchange recombination spectroscopy (CXRS) measurements on Textor and ITER, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 1252 (2010) 14.
J. Banisaukas, J. Szczepanski, J. Eyler, M. Vala, S. Hirata, M. Head-Gordon, J. Oomens, G. Meijer, G. von HeldenVibrational and electronic spectroscopy of acenaphthylene and its cation, Journal of Physical Chemistry A 6107 (2003) 782-793.
O. Barana, A. Murari, P. Franz, L.C Ingesson, G. ManduchiNeural networks for real time determination of radiated power in JET, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 573 (2002) 2038-2043.
Y.F Baranov, C.D Challis, J. Ongena, B. Alper, G. Arnoux, P. Buratti, T. Gerbaud, D. Keeling, V. Kiptily, J. Mailloux et al.Large ELM-like events triggered by core MHD in JET advanced tokamak plasmas: impact on plasmas profiles, plasma-facing components and heating systems, Nucl. Fusion 52 (2012) 023018.
Y.F Baranov, C. Bourdelle, T. Bolzonella, M. de Baar, C.D Challis, C. Giroud, N.C Hawkes, E. Joffrin, V.P RidolfiniEffect of hysteresis in JET ITB plasma with LHCD, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 747 (2005) 975-993.