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M. Mas-Montoya, D. Curiel, J.K. Wang, B.J. Bruijnaers, R.A.J. JanssenUse of Sodium Diethyldithiocarbamate to Enhance the Open-Circuit Voltage of CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells, Sol. RRL 5 (2021) 2000811.
M. Mas-Montoya, R.AJ JanssenThe effect of H and J-aggregation on the photophysical and photovoltaic properties of small thiophene-pyridine-DPP molecules for bulk-heterojunction solar cells, Adv. Funct. Mater. 27 (2017) 1605779.
L.M Martini, N. Gatti, G. Dilecce, M. Scotoni, P. TosiLaser induced fluorescence in nanosecond repetitively pulsed discharges for CO2 conversion, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 60 (2018) 014016.
L.M Martini, N. Gatti, G. Dilecce, M. Scotoni, P. TosiRate constants of quenching and vibrational relaxation in the OH (A2Sigma+, v = 0, 1), manifold with various colliders, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 50 (2017) 114003.
B. Martinez-Haya, P. Hurtado, A.R Hortal, S. Hamad, J.D Steill, J. OomensEmergence of Symmetry and Chirality in Crown Ether Complexes with Alkali Metal Cations, J. Phys. Chem. A 26114 (2010) 7048-7054.
B. Martinez-Haya, P. Hurtado, A.R Hortal, J.D Steill, J. Oomens, P.J MerklingSpectroscopic Investigation of the Gas-Phase Conformations of 15-Crown-5 Ether Complexes with K+, J. Phys. Chem. A 27113 (2009) 7748-7752.
L. Martinelli, D. Mikitchuck, B.P. Duval, Y. Andrebe, P. Blanchard, O. Fevrier, S. Gorno, H. Elaian, B. Linehan, A. Perek et al.Implementation of high-resolution spectroscopy for ion (and electron) temperature measurements of the divertor plasma in the Tokamak à configuration variable, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 93 (2022) 123505.
V.S Marques PereiraODS steels for nuclear applications: thermal stability of the microstructure and evolution of defects, PhD (2022) 
V.S Marques Pereira, S. Wang, T.W. Morgan, H. Schut, J. SietsmaMicrostructural evolution and behaviour of deuterium in a ferritic ODS 12 Cr steel annealed at different temperatures, Metall. Mater. Trans. A 53 (2022) 874–892.
L. Marot, G. De Temmerman, R.P Doerner, K. Umstadter, R.S Wagner, D. Mathys, M. Duggelin, E. MeyerSynergistic effects of hydrogen plasma exposure, pulsed laser heating and temperature on rhodium surfaces, J. Nucl. Mater. 1–3432 (2013) 388-394.
L. Marot, E. Meyer, M. Rubel, D. Ivanova, A. Widdowson, J.P Coad, J. Likonen, A. Hakola, S. Koivuranta, G. De TemmermanPerformances of Rh and Mo mirrors under JET exposure, J. Nucl. Mater. 438, Supplement (2013) S1187-S1191.
L. Marot, G. De Temmerman, M.A van den Berg, P.O Renault, G. Covarel, M. Joanny, J.M Travere, R. Steiner, D. Mathys, E. MeyerITER first mirror mock-ups exposed in Magnum-PSI, Nucl. Fusion 56 (2016) 066015.
C. Maroli, V. Petrillo, G. Lampis, F. EngelmannWave-Dynamic Treatment of the Ordinary Electron-Cyclotron Mode Propagating Perpendicularly to the Magnetic-Field across the Resonance Region, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 428 (1986) 615-627.
A. Marinoni, P. Mantica, D. Van Eester, F. Imbeaux, M. Mantsinen, N. Hawkes, E. Joffrin, V. Kiptily, S.D Pinches, A. Salmi et al.Analysis and modelling of power modulation experiments in JET plasmas with internal transport barriers, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 1048 (2006) 1469-1487.
M. Marin, J. Citrin, C. Giroud, C. Bourdelle, Y. Camenen, L. Garzotti, A. Ho, M. Sertoli, JET ContributorsIntegrated modelling of Neon impact on JET H-mode core plasmas, Nucl. Fusion 63 (2023) 016019.
M. Marin, J. Citrin, L. Garzotti, M. Valovič, C. Bourdelle, Y. Camenen, F.J. Casson, A. Ho, F. Koechl, M. Maslov et al.Multiple-isotope pellet cycles captured by turbulent transport modelling in the JET tokamak, Nucl. Fusion 61 (2021) 036042.
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M. Marin, J. Citrin, C. Bourdelle, Y. Camenen, F.J Casson, A. Ho, F. Koechl, M. Maslov, JET ContributorsFirst-principles-based multiple-isotope particle transport modelling at JET, Nucl. Fusion 60 (2020) 046007.
M. MarinIntegrated modelling of multiple-ion tokamak discharges: validation and extrapolation, PhD (2021) 
A. Mariani, P. Mantica, I. Casiraghi, J. Citrin, T. Görler, G.M. Staebler, EUROJET1 ContributorsBenchmark of quasi-linear models against gyrokinetic single scale simulations in deuterium and tritium plasmas for a JET high beta hybrid discharge, Nucl. Fusion 61 (2021) 066032.
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O. Marchuk, Y. Ralchenko, R.K Janev, W. Biel, E. Delabie, A.M UrnovCollisional excitation and emission of H-alpha Stark multiplet in fusion plasmas, J. Phys. B-At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 143 (2010) 6.