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K. Guo, G. Lozano, M.A Verschuuren, J Gomez RivasControl of the external photoluminescent quantum yield of emitters coupled to nanoantenna phased arrays, J. Appl. Phys. 118 (2015) 073103.
S. Gunter, M. Maraschek, M. de Baar, D.F Howell, E. Poli, E. Strumberger, C. TichmannThe frequently interrupted regime of neoclassical tearing modes (FIR-NTMs): required plasma parameters and possibilities for its active control, Nuclear Fusion 444 (2004) 524-532.
M.C. Günendi, I. Tanyeli, G.B. Akgüç, A. Bek, R. Turan, O. GülserenUnderstanding the plasmonic properties of dewetting formed Ag nanoparticles for large area solar cell applications, Opt. Express 1521 (2013) 18344-18353.
S. Guimond, D. Gobke, J.M Sturm, Y. Romanyshyn, H. Kuhlenbeck, M. Cavalleri, H.J FreundWell-ordered molybdenum oxide layers on Au(111): Preparation and properties, J. Phys. Chem. C 17117 (2013) 8746-8757.
V. Guerra, T. Silva, N. Pinhao, O. Guaitella, C. Guerra-Garcia, F.J.J Peeters, M.N. Tsampas, M.C.M van de SandenPlasmas for in-situ resource utilization on Mars: fuels, life-support and agriculture, J. Appl. Phys. 132 (2022) 070902.
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J. Grzetic, J. OomensSpectroscopic Evidence for an Oxazolone Structure in Anionic b-Type Peptide Fragments, J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. 23 (2012) 290-300.
J. Grzetic, J. OomensStructure of anionic c-type peptide fragments elucidated by IRMPD spectroscopy, Int. J. Mass Spectrom. 316 (2012) 216-226.
P. Gruene, A. Fielicke, G. MeijerExperimental vibrational spectra of gas-phase tantalum cluster cations, Journal of Chemical Physics 23127 (2007) 
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M. Groth, P. Andrew, W. Fundamenski, H.Y Guo, D.L Hillis, J.T Hogan, L.D Horton, G.F Matthews, A.G Meigs, P.D Morgan et al.Helium and neon enrichment studies in the JET mark IIAP and mark IIGB divertors, Nuclear Fusion 542 (2002) 591-600.
M. Groth, S. Brezinsek, P. Belo, G. Corrigan, D. Harting, S. Wiesen, M.NA Beurskens, M. Brix, M. Clever, J.W Coenen et al.Target particle and heat loads in low-triangularity L-mode plasmas in JET with carbon and beryllium/tungsten walls, J. Nucl. Mater. 438, Supplement (2013) S175-S179.
M. Groth, S. Brezinsek, P. Belo, M.NA Beurskens, M. Brix, M. Clever, J.W Coenen, C. Corrigan, T. Eich, J. Flanagan et al.Impact of carbon and tungsten as divertor materials on the scrape-off layer conditions in JET, Nucl. Fusion 953 (2013) 093016.
G. Grossetti, G. Aiello, R. Chavan, R. Gessner, T. Goodman, C. Heemskerk, A. Meier, D. Ronden, T. Scherer, P. Späh et al.ITER ECH&CD Upper Launcher: Design options and Remote Handling issues of the waveguide assembly, Fus. Eng. Des. 9–1089 (2014) 2415-2418.
G. Grossetti, G. Aiello, C. Heemskerk, B. Elzendoorn, R. Geßner, J. Koning, A. Meier, D. Ronden, P. Späh, T. Scherer et al.The ITER EC H&CD Upper Launcher: Analysis of vertical Remote Handling applied to the BSM maintenance, Fusion Eng. Des. 9–1088 (2013) 1929-1933.
I.MN Groot, H. Ueta, M van der Niet, A.W Kleyn, L.BF JuurlinkSupersonic molecular beam studies of dissociative adsorption of H-2 on Ru(0001), Journal of Chemical Physics 24127 (2007) 
I.MN Groot, J.C Juanes-Marcos, C. Diaz, M.F Somers, R.A Olsen, G.J KroesDynamics of dissociative adsorption of hydrogen on a CO-precovered Ru(0001) surface: a comparison of theoretical and experimental results, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 612 (2010) 1331-1340.
I.MN Groot, A.W Kleyn, L.BF JuurlinkThe Energy Dependence of the Ratio of Step and Terrace Reactivity for H-2 Dissociation on Stepped Platinum, Angew. Chem.-Int. Edit. 50 (2011) 5174-5177.
I.MN Groot, A.W Kleyn, L.BF JuurlinkSeparating Catalytic Activity at Edges and Terraces on Platinum: Hydrogen Dissociation, J. Phys. Chem. C 18117 (2013) 9266-9274.
I.MN Groot, J.C Juanes-Marcos, R.A Olsen, G.J KroesA theoretical study of H-2 dissociation on (root 3x root 3)R30 degrees CO/Ru(0001), J. Chem. Phys. 14132 (2010) 12.
I.MN Groot, K.JP Schouten, A.W Kleyn, L.BF JuurlinkDynamics of hydrogen dissociation on stepped platinum, J. Chem. Phys. 22129 (2008) 4.