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G.TA Huysmans, R.MO Galvao, J.P GoedbloedHigh-beta stability studies of JET discharges with the numerical program HBT, RR 90-193 (1990) PDF icon RR90-193.pdf (859.53 KB)
G.TA Huysmans, J.P GoedbloedLow-n ideal and resistive MHD stability of JET discharges, MHD analysis of JET single-null discharges by extending and applying CASTOR RR 93-218 (1993) PDF icon RR93-218.pdf (580.01 KB)
G.TA Huysmans, J.P Goedbloed, S. PoedtsExternal resistive modes and toroidicity induced Alfven eigenmodes in tokamaks, RR 91-209 (1991) PDF icon RR91-209.pdf (3.11 MB)
G.TA Huysmans, R.MO Galvao, J.P GoedbloedDocumentation of the high beta stability codes HBT and HBTAS at JET, RR 90-194 (1990) PDF icon RR90-194.pdf (1.21 MB)
G.TA Huysmans, H.A Holties, J.P GoedbloedAnalysis of global Alfven modes by the extension of CASTOR with an external antenna, RR 93-219 (1993) PDF icon RR93-219.pdf (555.23 KB)
G.TA Huysmans, J.P Goedbloed, W. KernerFree-Boundary Resistive Modes in Tokamaks, Physics of Fluids B-Plasma Physics 55 (1993) 1545-1558.
P. Hurtado, F. Gamez, S. Hamad, B. Martinez-Haya, J.D Steill, J. OomensCrown Ether Complexes with H3O+ and NH4+: Proton Localization and Proton Bridge Formation, J. Phys. Chem. A 25115 (2011) 7275-7282.
P. Hurtado, F. Gamez, S. Hamad, B. Martinez-Haya, J.D Steill, J. OomensMultipodal coordination of a tetracarboxylic crown ether with NH4+: A vibrational spectroscopy and computational study, J. Chem. Phys. 136 (2012) 114301.
Y. Huismans, A. Rouzee, A. Gijsbertsen, J.H Jungmann, A.S Smolkowska, P Logman, F. Lepine, C. Cauchy, S. Zamith, T. Marchenko et al.Time-Resolved Holography with Photoelectrons, Science 6013331 (2011) 61-64.
Y. Huismans, A. Rouzee, A. Gijsbertsen, P Logman, F. Lepine, C. Cauchy, S. Zamith, A.S Stodolna, J.H Jungmann, J.M Bakker et al.Photoelectron angular distributions from the ionization of xenon Rydberg states by midinfrared radiation, Phys. Rev. A 87 (2013) 033413.
Y. Huismans, A. Gijsbertsen, A.S Smolkowska, J.H Jungmann, A. Rouzee, P Logman, F. Lepine, C. Cauchy, S. Zamith, T. Marchenko et al.Scaling Laws for Photoelectron Holography in the Midinfrared Wavelength Regime, Phys. Rev. Lett. 109 (2012) 013002.
Y. HuismansProbing structure and dynamics with photoelectrons generated in strong fields, PhD (2012) 
M. Hugon, B.P van Milligen, P. Smeulders, L.C Appel, D.V Bartlett, D. Boucher, A.W Edwards, L.G Eriksson, C.W Gowers, T.C Hender et al.Shear Reversal and Mhd Activity During Pellet Enhanced Performance Pulses in Jet, Nuclear Fusion 132 (1992) 33-43.
Y.A Hugo, W. Kout, F. Sikkema, Z. Borneman, K. NijmeijerPerformance mapping of cation exchange membranes for hydrogen-bromine flow batteries for energy storage, J. Membr. Sci. 566 (2018) 406-414.
Y.A Hugo, W. Kout, F. Sikkema, Z. Borneman, K. NijmeijerIn situ long-term membrane performance evaluation of hydrogen-bromine flow batteries, J. Energy Storage 27 (2020) 101068.
Y.A Hugo, N. Mazur, W. Kout, F. Sikkema, Z. Borneman, K. NijmeijerEffect of Bromine Complexing Agents on Membrane Performance in Hydrogen Bromine Flow Batteries, J. Electrochem. Soc. 166 (2019) A3004-A3010.
Y.A Hugo, W. Kout, G. Dalessi, A. Forner-Cuenca, Z. Borneman, K. NijmeijerTechno-economic analysis of a kilo-watt scale hydrogen-bromine flow battery system for sustainable energy storage, Processes 8 (2020) 1492.
RB Hughes-Currie, PS Senanayake, J.PR Wells, MF Reid, G. Berden, R.J Reeves, A MeijerinkSite-selective transient photoluminescence enhancement of impurity-trapped excitons in NaMgF3:Yb2+, Phys. Rev. B 88 (2013) 104304.
C.AJ Hugenholtz, A.JH Donne, B.SQ Elzendoorn, J.C van Gorkom, W. Kooijman, H.A van der Laan, M.J. van de Pol, A.J Putter, H.JF van Ramele, D. Smit et al.Fast pulsed radar reflectometry for the Textor tokamak, Review of Scientific Instruments 170 (1999) 1034-1037.
C.AJ Hugenholtz, S.H HeijnenPulse Radar Technique for Reflectometry on Thermonuclear Plasmas, Review of Scientific Instruments 462 (1991) 1100-1101.