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G.D Jones, J.JY Sung, T. Hume, L.S Ing, I.V Bradley, J.PR WellsInfrared absorption of H- and D- in the alkaline-earth fluorides, Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter 1013 (2001) 2127-2135.
G.D Jones, J.PR WellsVibrational linewidths and dephasing of H- local modes in disordered calcium fluoride, Journal of Luminescence 1-4108 (2004) 221-224.
G.D Jones, J.PR WellsPicosecond lifetimes and infrared spectroscopy of hydrogenic sites in KY3F10 and LiYF4, Journal of Luminescence 102 (2003) 169-172.
E. Joffrin, M. Baruzzo, M. Beurskens, C. Bourdelle, S. Brezinsek, J. Bucalossi, P. Buratti, G. Calabro, C.D Challis, M. Clever et al.First scenario development with the JET new ITER-like wall, Nucl. Fusion 154 (2014) 013011.
E. Joffrin, R. Wolf, B. Alper, Y. Baranov, C.D Challis, M. de Baar, C. Giroud, C.W Gowers, N.C Hawkes, T.C Hender et al.q=1 advanced tokamak experiments in JET and comparison with ASDEX Upgrade, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 744 (2002) 1203-1214.
E. Joffrin, A.C.C. Sips, J.F Artaud, A. Becoulet, L. Bertalot, R. Budny, P. Buratti, P. Belo, C.D Challis, F. Crisanti et al.The 'Hybrid' scenario in JET: towards its validation for ITER, Nuclear Fusion 745 (2005) 626-634.
E. Joffrin, F. Crisanti, R. Felton, X. Litaudon, D. Mazon, D. Moreau, L. Zabeo, R. Albanese, M. Ariola, D. Alves et al.Integrated scenario in JET using real-time profile control, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 45 (2003) A367-A383.
E. Joffrin, P. Tamain, E. Belonohy, H. Bufferand, P. Buratti, C.D Challis, E. Delabie, P. Drewelow, D. Dodt, M. Tsalas et al.Impact of divertor geometry on H-mode confinement in the JET metallic wall, Nucl. Fusion 57 (2017) 086025.
R.A Jockusch, R.T Kroemer, F.O Talbot, L.C Snoek, P. Carcabal, J.P Simons, M. Havenith, J.M Bakker, I. Compagnon, G. Meijer et al.Probing the glycosidic linkage: UV and IR ion-dip spectroscopy of a lactoside, Journal of the American Chemical Society 18126 (2004) 5709-5714.
S. Jochim, M. Bartenstein, G. Hendl, J.H Denschlag, R. Grimm, A. Mosk, M. WeidemullerMagnetic field control of elastic scattering in a cold gas of fermionic lithium atoms, Physical Review Letters 2789 (2002) 
K.W Jobson, J.PR Wells, R.EI Schropp, D.A Carder, P.J Phillips, J.I DijkhuisTime resolved spectroscopy of Ge-H stretchin vibrations in hydrogenated amorphous germanium, Infrared Physics & Technology 1-249 (2006) 3-6.
K.W Jobson, J.PR Wells, N.Q Vinh, P.J Phillips, C.R Pidgeon, J.I DijkhuisMid-infrared pump-probe spectroscopy of Si-H stretch modes in porous silicon, Opt. Mater. 530 (2008) 740-742.
K.W Jobson, J.PR Wells, R.EI Schropp, N.Q Vinh, J.I DijkhuisInfrared transient grating measurements of the dynamics of hydrogen local mode vibrations in amorphous silicon-germanium, J. Appl. Phys. 1103 (2008) 5.
K.W Jobson, J.PR Wells, R.EI Schropp, D.A Carder, P.J Phillips, J.I DijkhuisThe similarities between amorphous silicon and germanium stretch mode dynamics, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 9-20352 (2006) 1268-1271.
K.W Jobson, J.PR Wells, R.EI Schropp, D.A Carder, P.J Phillips, J.I DijkhuisRelaxation processes of the Ge-H stretch modes in hydrogenated amorphous germanium, Physical Review B 1573 (2006) 
K.W Jobson, J.PR Wells, N.Q Vinh, P.J Phillips, C.R Pidgeon, J.I DijkhuisVibrational relaxation pathways in porous silicon: A time-resolved infrared spectroscopic study, Physical Review B 1674 (2006) 
K.B Jinesh, J.L van Hemmen, M.CM van de Sanden, F. Roozeboom, J.H Klootwijk, W.FA Besling, W.MM KesselsDielectric Properties of Thermal and Plasma-Assisted Atomic Layer Deposited Al2O3 Thin Films, J. Electrochem. Soc. 158 (2011) G21-G26.
J.K Jiang, C.K Onwudinanti, R.A Hatton, P.A Bobbert, S.X TaoStabilizing Lead-Free All-Inorganic Tin Halide Perovskites by Ion Exchange, J. Phys. Chem. C 122 (2018) 17660-17667.
M. Jiang, F.J Guo, A.Y Yan, C.W Zhang, F. MiaoEnergy and spectrum of BeO molecule under the electric field from different directions, Acta Phys. Sin. 1159 (2010) 7743-7748.
Y.Z Jia, W. Liu, B. Xu, S.L Qu, T.W MorganSurface damage of W exposed to combined stationary D plasma and ELMs-like pulsed plasma, J. Nucl. Mater. 487 (2017) 68-74.
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