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E. Oyarzabal, W.AJ Vijvers, R.S. Al, H.J van der Meiden, M.J. van der Pol, F.L Tabares, G.J van RooijMixing of multiple hydrogen plasma beams in a strong magnetic field by E x B drift-induced rotation, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 1053 (2011) 5013.
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W. OuLiquid metal as the wall material of fusion reactors: deuterium retention and surface stability, PhD (2021) 
W. Ou, R.S Al, J.WM Vernimmen, S. Brons, P. Rindt, T.W MorganDeuterium retention in Sn-filled samples exposed to fusion-relevant flux plasmas, Nucl. Fusion 60 (2020) 026008.
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S. Osburn, G. Berden, J. Oomens, R.AJ O'Hair, V. RyzhovStructure and Reactivity of the N-Acetyl-Cysteine Radical Cation and Anion: Does Radical Migration Occur? J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. 1022 (2011) 1794-1803.
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S. Osburn, T. Burgie, G. Berden, J. Oomens, R.AJ O'Hair, V. RyzhovStructure and Reactivity of Homocysteine Radical Cation in the Gas Phase Studied by Ion-Molecule Reactions and Infrared Multiple Photon Dissociation, Journal of Physical Chemistry A 117 (2013) 1144-1150.
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J.W Oosterbeek, A. Burger, E. Westerhof, MR de Baar, M.A van den Berg, W.A Bongers, MF Graswinckel, B.A. Hennen, O.G Kruijt, J. Thoen et al.A line-of-sight electron cyclotron emission receiver for electron cyclotron resonance heating feedback control of tearing modes, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 979 (2008) 12.
J.H. OosterbeekTowards a self-aiming microwave antenna to stabilise fusion plasmas, PhD (2009) 
J.W Oosterbeek, W.A Bongers, A.F van der Grift, J.A Hoekzema, O.G Kruijt, A.J Poelman, P.R Prins, J. Scholten, F.C Schüller, C.J Tito et al.The ECW installation at the TEXTOR tokamak, Fusion Eng. Des. 66-8 (2003) 515-519.
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J. Oomens, B.G Sartakov, A.G.G.M. Tielens, G. Meijer, G. von HeldenGas-phase infrared spectrum of the coronene cation, Astrophysical Journal 1560 (2001) L99-L103.