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F. Bijkerk, E. Louis, E.CI Turcu, G.J TallentsHigh Repetition Rate Krf Laser Plasma X-Ray Source for Microlithography, Microelectronic Engineering 1-417 (1992) 219-222.
F. BijkerkLaser-Plasma Xuv Sources, Advances in Performance, Institute of Physics Conference Series 130 (1993) 471-477.
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F. Bijkerk, E. Louis, G.E van Dorssen, A.P Shevelko, A.A VasilyevAbsolute Brightness of Laser Plasmas in the Soft-X-Ray Emission Band, Applied Optics 133 (1994) 82-88.
F. Bijkerk, L.A Shmaenok, E. Louis, H.J Voorma, N.B Koster, C. Bruineman, R Bastiaensen, E.WJM van der Drift, J. Romijn, L.EM de Groot et al.Extreme UV lithography: A new laser plasma target concept and fabrication of multilayer reflection masks, Microelectronic Engineering 1-430 (1996) 183-186.
F. BijkerkDevelopment of multilayer coatings and spin-off to XRL applications, Journal De Physique Iv PR211 (2001) 509-510.
F. Bijkerk, A S. van der Westen, C. Bruineman, R. Huiting, R. de Bruijn, R. StuikFlying Circus EUV Source Metrology and Source Development Assessment, EUV Sources for Lithography  (2006) 721-734.