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B.N KuvshinovMagnetohydrodynamic Model for Plasma Instabilities in the Ion-Kinetic Regime, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 536 (1994) 867-877.
B.N Kuvshinov, F. Pegoraro, T.J SchepHamiltonian-Formulation of Low-Frequency, Nonlinear Plasma Dynamics, Physics Letters A 3-4191 (1994) 296-300.
B.N Kuvshinov, T.J SchepGeometrical approach to fluid models, Physics of Plasmas 34 (1997) 537-550.
B.N Kuvshinov, V.P Lakhin, F. Pegoraro, T.J SchepHamiltonian vortices and reconnection in a magnetized plasma, Journal of Plasma Physics 59 (1998) 727-736.
B.N Kuvshinov, E. Westerhof, T.J Schep, M. BerningElectron magnetohydrodynamics of magnetized, inhomogeneous plasmas, Physics Letters A 4-5241 (1998) 287-292.
B.N Kuvshinov, F. Pegoraro, J. Rem, T.J SchepDrift-Alfve'n vortices with finite ion gyroradius and electron inertia effects, Physics of Plasmas 36 (1999) 713-728.
B.N Kuvshinov, T.J SchepHoltsmark distributions in point-vortex systems, Physical Review Letters 484 (2000) 650-653.
B.N Kuvshinov, T.J SchepDouble-periodic arrays of vortices, Physics of Fluids 1212 (2000) 3282-3284.
B.N Kuvshinov, J. Rem, T.J Schep, E. WesterhofElectron vortices in magnetized plasmas, Physics of Plasmas 78 (2001) 3232-3250.