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Y. Xu, M. Van Schoor, R.R Weynants, S. Jachmich, M. Vergote, M.W Jakubowski, P. Beyer, M. Mitri, B. Schweer, D. Reiser et al.Edge turbulence during the static dynamic ergodic divertor experiments in TEXTOR, , Nuclear Fusion 47  (2007) 1696-1709.
M.Z Tokar, R. Jaspers, B. UnterbergEdge-core interplay in transition to radiative improved mode, Contributions to Plasma Physics 1-238 (1998) 67-72.
M. Lehnen, S.S Abdullaev, S. Brezinsek, K.H. Finken, D. Harting, M. von Hellermann, M.W Jakubowski, R. Jaspers, A. Kirschner, A. Pospieszczyk et al.The effect of the magnetic topology on particle recycling in the ergodic divertor of TEXTOR, Journal of Nuclear Materials 363 (2007) 377-381.
M.Z Tokar, R. Jaspers, R.R Weynants, H.R Koslowski, A. Kramer-Flecken, A.M Messiaen, J. Ongena, B. UnterbergEvidence of suppression of ITG-instability in the radiatively improved mode in TEXTOR-94, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 341 (1999) L9-L15.
Y. Kikuchi, M.FM de Bock, K.H. Finken, M. Jakubowski, R. Jaspers, H.R Koslowski, A. Kraemer-Flecken, M. Lehnen, Y. Liang, K. Loewenbrueck et al.Experimental and theoretical analyses of penetration processes of externally applied rotating helical magnetic perturbation fields in TEXTOR and HYBTOK-II, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 5A49 (2007) A135-A143.
R. Jaspers, K.H. Finken, G. Mank, F. Hoenen, J.A Boedo, N.JL Cardozo, F.C SchüllerExperimental Investigation of Runaway Electron Generation in Textor, Nuclear Fusion 1233 (1993) 1775-1785.