A process technology point of view on electricity storage and electrification of the chemical industry

Recently, electrochemistry and the so-called electrification of the chemical industry have gained a prominent position on the agenda of governments, industry and academics. The majority of the research focusses on fundamentals of the electrochemistry and the accompanying selection and optimization of materials. Far less attention is paid to process technological issues such as: scale of operation, overall mass and energy balances, equipment design and economics. In this seminar process technological aspects will be discussed based on 2 processes under investigation in the SPT group of the university of Twente, namely: i) electricity storage via the bicarbonate-formate system, ii) atmospheric CO2 capture combined with electrolysis for the production of chemicals & fuels

Thursday, May 24, 2018 -
11:15 to 12:15
seminar room
Sascha Kersten
University of Twente