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Seminars at DIFFER cover a wide range of topics and are held on Thursdays at 11.15 AM in the seminar room of the institute (unless otherwise stated). Seminars are open to everybody. If you are interested in visiting a DIFFER seminar or want to subscribe to our mailing list, please follow the instructions for external visitors.

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Igor Adamovich
December 20th 2018
11:15 to 12:15
The seminar gives an overview of experimental, theoretical, and kinetic modeling studies of molecular energy transfer in high-speed nonequilibrium flows and low-temperature plasmas at the OSU Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics Laboratories. Recent work includes development and operation of a laboratory scale Mach 5 nonequilibrium flow wind tunnel; flow characterization in the supersonic test section using laser diagnostics such as Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (N2 CARS), NO PLIF, and NO2 / NO Molecular Tagging Velocimetry (MTV); the effect of vibrational relaxation on the supersonic flow field; development of high frame rate flow diagnostics using a pulse burst laser; and development and use of molecular energy transfer / nonequilibrium air chemistry kinetic models. Ongoing work includes studies of state-specific O2 dissociation / recombination kinetics by ps LIF / Two-Photon Absorption LIF (TALIF) and measurements of excited metastable species in nonequilibrium high-speed flows by Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy (CRDS).