DIFFER contracted to provide software for modeling ITER’s plasmas

Published on September 26, 2022

DIFFER, together with an international consortium, has acquired a service contract for the development and support of the software suite for integrated modeling and analysis of ITER’s plasmas.

Jonathan Citrin
Jonathan Citrin
(c) Bram Lamers/DIFFER

The Integrated Modeling & Analysis Suite (IMAS) will be used to provide modeling support to make predictive simulations of ITER plasmas and to process and interpret ITER’s experimental data. The fusion reactor ITER, currently under construction in southern France, aims to demonstrate the scientific and technical feasibility of harnessing fusion power.

Besides DIFFER, the consortium consists of companies and research institutions from France (CEA and Epsilon Ingénierie), Poland (PSNC), and the Netherlands (Ignition Computing). The French CEA leads the consortium.

Jonathan Citrin coordinates the DIFFER part. He leads DIFFER’s Integrated Modeling and Transport group. The group uses advanced physics models and machine learning techniques to simulate the super-hot plasma inside a fusion reactor.

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