Grant for Dinesh Krishnamoorthy for research on controlled nuclear fusion

Published on November 28, 2022

Dinesh Krishnamoorthy (DIFFER and TU/e) is the recipient of a EUROfusion Engineering Grant. This has just been announced by EUROfusion. Krishnamoorthy will investigate how to keep a nuclear fusion power plant under control in real-time.

A EUROfusion Engineering Grant (EEG) is intended for top technical talent. The grant covers salary and part of research costs for up to three years. Besides Krishnamoorthy, 10 other researchers will receive EEG grants. Among them are Aline Dressler (CEA) and Gunnar Schmidtmann (FZJ). They will carry out part of their research at DIFFER with Magnum-PSI.

At the same time as the engineering grants, EUROfusion also announced 11 names of researchers receiving EUROfusion "Bernard Bigot" Researcher Grants (ERG). That grant covers 70% of salary and part of research costs for up to two years. Among the winners is Artur Perek. He gained his PhD at DIFFER and now works at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. Perek will use the camera system MANTIS (developed at DIFFER) to investigate alternative divertors.

Source: EUROfusion

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